Is Xossip Back? Top Notch Alternatives to Try in 2021

Xossip accustomed be one in every of the foremost popular and widely known places on the web where users could share and find videos, memes, photos in various categories. The forum was receiving ample visitors regularly in its prime days. Although the location is accessible for everybody around the world, it had been mainly employed by Indians. Soon after its inception, the forum or website of Xossip started gaining traction and within a brief span of your time, and also the user base on the web site grew exponentially. the simplest part about the Xossip forum is that it had been well organized compared to other similar forums that are available on the web.


However, with time Xossip started gaining popularity and unwanted attention together with that. Unfortunately, because of the interference from local authorities and government, the forum got to pack up. But, the administration team of the forum didn’t surrender, they accustomed include new domains and redirect the visitors to the old forums, which sort of labor for quite a while. Sadly the web site couldn’t endure long, and within the end, it had been pack up permanently.


It is probably the foremost popular forum for Indians, but you don’t need to dishearten yourself with the very fact that the forum is closed permanently. If you’ve got been an infatuated user of the Xossip website, then you’ve needed to the correct place. Today, during this article, we’re visiting dig deep into the explanations that result in its permanent shutdown and also showcase a number of the simplest alternatives to Xossip.


Why Xossip website took down?

Not many folks would know the explanation behind Why Xossip went down? Perhaps some believe it’s thanks to the govt intervention but it’s not.
The sole reason was the shortage of fund which fits into maintaining and paying hosting fees to work an internet site. The administrator who was behind this website has closed the web site because of an absence of funds. As most sources say, the location was operational but hardly used anything (monetization) to earn revenue.


Its website didn’t run ads to convey a distraction-free environment to the users. However, the web site is solely dependent upon the donation it had received from the users of the web site. Later, the admin couldn’t foot-dragging to the high hosting fees and server bills that resulted in taking down the location or shutting it completely.


Anyways this website continued even at that time – with another domain (redirect) however, the domain that redirected still remains invisible to the general public. However, there are other forums that look the same as it. But if you continue to want to achieve access to the current website then you’ll be able to examine the fan-made xforum.live which is constructed on the identical software that Xossip uses.


Best Alternatives To Xossip

The forums or website showcased within the below list are all liberated to access, however, you wish to make an account so as to be able to respond on threads created by others or to start out your own thread. Also, confirm to follow the rules (if shown) on the forums to avoid any possible issues. So, without wasting from now on time, let’s plow ahead and jump within the list instantly.



I guess the name itself is over enough to explain the forum, but just in case you didn’t latch on, no worries. XForum is an adult forum board where you’ll be able to find mature content like Video links, Adult Gifs, Photos, etc. The forum is open for all varieties of contents and discussions, however, on the forum, you’ll find mature content for the foremost part. So, if you’re trying to find an area to consume mature content, then there’s no better option than XForum.

2. Xossipz.com

Xossipz is another perfect choice for Xossip alternatives. the net interface of the web site in Pc further in mobile devices is pleasant with everything kept categorized and neatly.


Xossipz wants you to register a free account for a seamless experience. In our visit to Xossipz, the interface seems pretty adequate with fewer ads been shown as compared to other websites.

3. Xossipy.com

Xossipy looked the same as the above listed Xossip alternative websites. There are not any extras we found to speak about however the location retains a user registration page. Xossipy went down after a period of your time (server issues) but have resolved now.


The website receives a complete of $500 donations so as to stay the location alive. Xossipy has over 1 million visitors and to compensate with the server overload the admin was forced to stay a registration process compulsory for users.


However, users get to work out a very ad-free environment while browsing pages/threads through the platform. Compared to the initial Xossip, Xossipy has an identical interface and even users are allowed to upload fresh pieces of stuff including videos, images, audio, leaked images, and so on.

Wrapping up

When it involves the initial Xossip forum board, there isn’t any competition in the slightest degree. In fact, there aren’t many websites or forums available on the web that are even near Xossip in terms of content and program. Fortunately, there are some good ones that are quite near Xossip, which are shared within the above-mentioned list.


We have seen plenty of individuals inquiring for the Xossip web address on the web, and most likely you’ve got come here trying to find the identical. We don’t disappoint anyone. Unfortunately, the Xossip website isn’t visiting return because the admins themselves decided to delete the whole forum. I assume that’s the top for this textjust in case you from now on queries or doubts to be cleared, then drop them within the comment section below.

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