TV Shootout judges declare 3 winners


On Sunday and Monday, September 12 and 13, 2021, Scarsdale, NY retailer Value Electronics brought together calibrators, cinematographers, and other video professionals to evaluate flagship TVs and—for the first time, ultra short-throw (UST) projectors—to determine which model was the best of the best. I discussed the annual event in detail last week, including how the evaluations were carefully set up and provided links to the live stream of each day.

Before the shootout began, Stacey Spears, co-creator of the Benchmark series of test and evaluation discs, offered some opening remarks and explanations of the test patterns that would be used. In the photo at the top of this article, he’s explaining the break-in pattern on his latest disc, Ultra HD Benchmark, which exercises all the pixels of a 4K display equally. This is especially important to do for 100 hours or so before calibrating an OLED TV.

Calibrator John Reformato was quite impressed with Stacey’s presentation. “We got to see a lot of the test patterns and content from Stacey’s new disc, but it was a unique experience to be in the same room with him as he was showing and explaining everything.”

2021 ve shootout 4k Mark Jessamy

The 4K TVs were lined up right next to each other for direct comparison. A Sony BVM-HX310 professional monitor, which is commonly used to master commercial content, was placed in the center to see how accurately the TVs reproduced what the content creators saw.

The King of 4K TVs

There were four contenders in the 4K TV category:

  • Hisense 75U9DG Dual Cell LCD/LED ($3,499.00)
  • LG 65G1 OLED ($2,999.00)
  • Samsung QN65QN90A QLED ($1,999.99)
  • Sony XR-65A90J OLED ($3,799.99)

The 4K TV shootout included three performance modes: SDR Day (standard dynamic-range content with some ambient light in the room), SDR Reference (with no ambient light), and HDR Reference (high dynamic-range content with no ambient light). The judges were asked to assign a numerical score from 1 to 10 to several attributes in each situation:


  • Motion/DSE
  • Image quality/brightness
  • Upscaling/sharpness

SDR Reference

  • Black level/shadow detail
  • Color accuracy/skin tones
  • 24p motion

HDR Reference


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