Tronsmart Studio review: A surprisingly good Bluetooth speaker


If you’re looking for a small, good-sounding speaker for your desk or nightstand, you could do a lot worse than the Tronsmart Studio. This Bluetooth model delivers a surprising amount of thump, and it’s faux 3D sound is far better than you’d expect from a $70 speaker.

Design and features

For a unit that measures only 8.13 x 2.28 x 2.76 inches (WxHxD), including a large rubber base, the Tronsmart Studio is surprisingly hefty at around two pounds. That usually bespeaks quality construction, and I like it.

I also like the rounded, slant-edge rectangular styling. The Studio seemingly borrows style cues from another decade—in a pleasant way. The large Tronsmart label is understandable, if just a tad large and—to be honest—unfortunate. Come up with a snazzy logo, guys.

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The Studio features two small (approximately 2-inch) full-range speakers and a lot of porting. When looking through the front grill, you can see through the porting traveling the depth of the speaker. There’s 30 watts total from the unit, so I’m figuring 15 watts per speaker, which is quite a bit for a Bluetooth speaker this small. There are two 2600mAH batteries on board for a claimed 15-hour run time.

tronsmart studio 3 Tronsmart

Unusually, Tronsmart’s Studio will play music from a microSD card.

The Bluetooth is 5.0, there’s a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input, a USB-C port for charging, and get this—a genuine microSD card slot for direct playback. I’ve only seen these slots on audio units intended for use in conjunction with automobile stereos, and it’s a handy way to create your own library without involving your phone or computer.

The controls are dead center on top of the speaker, and consist of volume minus/previous-track, play/pause, volume plus/next-track, power, Bluetooth pairing, broadcast (multiple speaker broadcast), and the SoundPulse (deepen/EQ) effect. Tronsmart claims linking with up to 100 additional speakers but there’s no stereo pairing of just two.

There’s also an app (shown below) that allows you to apply various EQ presets.

tronsmart app 1 Tronsmart

Tronsmart’s app let’s you select EQ presets. The 3D was impressive, but there’s no user EQ.

Disappointingly, I could find no custom EQ, though there’s a preset that’s suitable for just about every taste and genre. The 3D setting in particular impressed the heck out of me, and I largely stuck with it for my listening sessions once I tried it.


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