Spotify users have long been able to download tracks to their phones, handy for cranking tunes without blowing through mobile data caps. Now comes word that offline listening is coming to the Spotify desktop app, too.

Spotify just announced a major revamp of its web app and desktop client for Windows and Mac users, and alongside the redesign comes the ability for desktop app users to download their favorite tracks, just like on the mobile Spotify app.

All you’ll have to do is click the new download button, which you’ll find sitting to the right of the telltale Spotify “play” button. Offline listening is perfect for when you’re out and about with your laptop tethered to your phone, or if you’re trying to conserve bandwidth while everyone is in Zoom meetings.

As with the mobile version of Spotify, you’ll need to be on a Spotify Premium plan to download tracks, albums, or playlists for offline listening. Spotify Premium costs $10 a month for individuals, or $15 a month for a family plan (which allows for up to six listeners in a household).

Besides adding the ability to download songs for offline listening, Spotify says it’s “aligning the experience” of its desktop and web apps to match the look and feel of Spotify on mobile, complete with a new, “clean” design and additional controls.

For example, the Search field on desktop and web now sits on the left side of the navigation screen, while top artists and tracks have been added to user profile pages.

You’ll also be able to launch a song or artist radio session by clicking the overflow (“…”) button, as well as customize playlists with your own descriptions and uploaded art.

Finally, desktop app users will be able to edit their Queues and Recently played rows, while a new drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the Your Library screen will offer more sorting options for your tunes.

Want to zip around the Spotify desktop interface with keyboard shortcuts? Spotify says it’s added even more, and you can check them out by pressing Control + ? on Windows or Command + ? on MacOS.

Spotify’s redesigned desktop and web app is rolling out now for both free and Premium users. The update hasn’t hit my own desktop yet, but it should be available for all users in the “coming weeks,” according to Spotify.

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