CX Plus

Sennheiser claims that their new CX Plus true wireless earphone combines “audiophile-grade technology” with active noise cancellation to filter out outside noise, as well as a transparency mode that allows you to listen in on your surroundings, all for $179.95.

The CX Plus supports Bluetooth 5.2 and is compatible with all of the current wireless codecs, including SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX Adaptive, the latter of which allows high-resolution audio tracks (up to 48kHz/24-bit) to be played at bit rates up to 420Kbps. Low latency is also provided via aptX Adaptive, ensuring that movie and TV soundtracks remain in sync with the video. There are four different sizes of ear tips offered to ensure that buyers get a proper deal for the best audio performance.

CX Plus

The new earphones will have adjustable touch controls for music playback, call controls, and calling voice assistants, according to Sennheiser. When the earphones are removed, the Smart Pause feature automatically pauses the music and resumes when they are reinserted. When you take out one earbud, it turns off automatically to save battery life. The left and right earbuds work independently and can be used as a stereo pair or separately.

Sennheiser’s new CX Plus true wireless earbuds are self-contained, allowing you to utilize one or both as a stereo pair.

The CX Plus truly earbuds, according to the makers, should provide 24 hours of listening time between the battery in the earphones and the one within the charging case.

The earbuds have an IPX4 weatherization certification, which means they are protected from water sprayed from all directions, so dripping from a workout should not be an issue.

On September 28, the CX Plus will be available in black or white for $179.95. As soon as we can have an eval pair in our heads, we’ll do an in-depth review.



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