Reolink Duo security cameras offer an extra-wide field of view


Reolink designed its latest home security camera, the Reolink Duo, to monitor larger properties that might otherwise require two cameras. It promises an ultra-wide field of view—150 degrees right to left—thanks to its dual lenses, each of which connects to a 4-megapixel image sensor. The video from the two lenses plays back in side-by-side windows, with a thin vertical line separating the two feeds.

The Reolink Duo will be offered in four configurations: dual-band Wi-Fi with a DC power supply ($130), dual-band Wi-Fi with an onboard battery ($200), power-over-ethernet ($110), or LTE with an onboard battery and a solar panel ($300). Each model will record video at 15 frames per second in 2560 x 1440 resolution, using H.265 compression. In addition to recording video to the cloud, the cameras can also accommodate up to a 128GB microSD for onboard storage (not included).

reolink duo camera feed Reolink

The feeds from each lens are presented in side-by-side windows in the Reolink app to deliver an almost panoramic view.

The cameras are primarily designed for outdoor installations and are weatherized to level IP66, meaning they are entirely protected from damaging particulate matter, and they can withstand being sprayed with a pressure watcher from a reasonable distance. We have an in-depth article about IP codes at this link.

All four cameras support passive infrared motion detection, night vision, color night vision with the onboard spotlight, and all are capable of discerning between humans and vehicles. Two-way audio lets you chat with people in real time, or you can play pre-recorded messages.

The Reolink Duo series is expected to ship on October 23, and Reolink is accepting pre-orders now. More information is available at Reolink’s website.

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