Razer has never shied away from experimenting with items that appear strange at first look. Consider the RGB-infused N95 mask, the now-defunct Razer Game Store with its own zVault currency, or the first-generation Firefly mousepad, which has grown into something remarkable but was originally prompted by a ripped-up piece of cardboard. However, the company’s most recent offering may well take the cake. Razer debuted gamer thimbles this week.

Thimbles, to be precise. Like the Monopoly piece, for example (or the sewing accessory for more worldly folks out there). Seriously.

That’s not entirely true. If sweaty palms and greasy fingerprints are getting in the way of your long mobile Fortnite sessions, the new Razer gaming finger sleeve might be for you. Razer’s website exults, “Slip-on and never slip up with Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve that will guarantee your mobile win.” “Our breathable sleeves, woven with high-sensitivity silver fiber for increased aim and control, keep your fingers deadly cool in the heat of combat, ensuring you never lose a grasp on the game.”

The 0.8mm thick sleeves are sweat-absorbent, according to Razer, and are comprised of nylon and spandex. So they’re more like gamer yoga pants, right? But what about your fingers?

In any case, it’s absurd. The gamer thimbles, unlike much of Razer’s hardware, lack RGB lighting, which is understandable (but disappointing). You can get a pair of Razer gaming finger sleeves for $10 on the company’s website if you want to wear your devotion to the Cult of Razer on your slee…thumb, or maybe just appear snazzier when you’re passing Go and collecting $200. Those who are very dedicated can go all out to seem like a gamer:




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