Nvidia at CES 2022: RTX 3050 desktop, RTX laptop chips, 3090 Ti B-F-GPU

In the last few years, the world has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps the most significant change has been our society’s increased reliance on technology. People are rushing to upgrade their home computers for work and to play the latest games, such as Microsoft’s smash Halo Infinite. Desktop-class CPUs, which were long regarded as pretty uninteresting, have become must-haves. The business has developed a new level of fascination with CPUs from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, whose RTX computer cards for gaming, artificial intelligence, and graphic design have become some of the most sought-after products in the industry.

Nvidia says it’s still making chips to fulfill demand, but it’s also released new devices for entry-level and ultra-high-performance computing. During its virtual presentation at the CES 2022 technology expo, Nvidia announced its GeForce RTX 3050 GPU, which promises to let PCs run the latest games and costs $249, the lowest sticker price among the company’s latest offerings. The product will be available on January 27th.
The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU, Nvidia’s most powerful consumer desktop processor to date, was also announced. The firm didn’t disclose much about the chip, other than that it outperforms the company’s previous $1,499 RTX 3090.Nvidia

The products are Nvidia’s newest attempt to provide graphics chips for a wide range of applications, including low-cost gaming computers and ultra-capable design and coding machines. The company’s 30-series chips, which were first released over two years ago, have received good feedback so far. Reviewers were particularly delighted by Nvidia’s entry-level RTX desktop chips, which were virtually as capable as the company’s most expensive chips previously.

Nvidia also discussed laptop graphics chips as part of their presentation. The RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti laptop models were launched, promising superior performance than the Titan RTX, the company’s top card for desktop computers prior to the 30-series launch.

Laptops with 3070 Ti chips will start at $1,499, while those with 3080 Ti chips will start at $2,499, according to Nvidia. They’ll be available for purchase on February 1st.

The business also announced that Omniverse, a new toolbox for 3D artists, will be offered for free. Until recently, the technology had been in public testing to make it easier to combine work from tools like Blender, Maya, Autodesk, Adobe, and Epic’s MetaHuman.
Nvidia also released new gaming apps, with a focus on performance. Some new 27-inch monitors manufactured with the company’s G-Sync technology, which promises smoother and less choppy graphics, will be able to reach up to 360Hz refresh rates, according to the company.

These new monitors will also be able to transition between 25-inch and 27-inch modes, with resolutions of 1,080 pixels or 1,440 pixels, according to Nvidia. The advantage, according to Nvidia, is that 1,080-pixel mode often provides faster images, which might be the difference between winning and losing in e-sports and competitive games.

The new monitors include mini-LED backlights and are being developed by Nvidia partners. This technology is supposed to offer “digital vibrance” to help players identify other players in a game more rapidly. Nvidia did not reveal the price of the new displays or when they will be available in stores.

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