Movierulz4-A step above Piracy Websites

Piracy has recently been one of the leading causes of the loss of creators. Whether it’s for movie producers, talk programs, or web series, the majority of the intended revenue is diverted by illegal websites that distribute them for free. Out of curiosity, netizens also encourage such free websites.

However, because of the fast increase of viewers and platforms in the last two years, the implications of the presence of such websites have been in the news a lot lately. According to current figures, illegitimate sites have snatched up more than 6% of the revenue expected from real creators.



Furthermore, because the majority of the freshly released films were on OTT platforms, it was easy for such sites to copy the film.

However, certain websites pushed piracy to the next level by offering HD versions of recent releases. Movierulz4 is one such website, which has exploded in popularity among netizens as a source of the latest HD movies.

Movierulz4 and its insane popularity among Netizens

Movierulz4 is a piracy website that allows users to download newly released pirated movies, and it is now sweeping the online globe. It is one of the most popular illegal sites, with a vast variety of movies and web series from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Sandalwood, among others.

The latest movies are available to watch on the same day they are released in theatres, and the same is true for web series on OTT platforms. To keep their audience involved with their site, they update it every day by adding every new trendy show and movie.

As a result, with each new release of talk shows, web series, and movies, the number of viewers continues to rise. Not only that, but it has now evolved into a one-stop destination for netizens, as they no longer require paying subscriptions to permitted OTT platforms.

Is the Movierulz4 website going to stop in India?

The Indian government is making every effort to prohibit such unlawful websites from stealing content without authorization from recognized creators. After the Cinematography Act was passed in 2017, the standards and regulations have become even more stringent. Despite repeated bans from the government and Internet service providers, the notorious websites continue to operate in order to generate unlawful revenue.

Changing domain name extensions and mirroring the site are two typical methods for illicit returns on the internet. Not only the website and the authorities are exploring new ways to go to Movierulz4 in order to watch the latest release for free. Furthermore, the strategies for exploiting the flaws quickly propagated on social media, resulting in a faster-than-expected increase in the number of users.

Can the website handlers or viewers be arrested?

Many industry producers, directors, and crew members filed complaints against such sites in order to prevent them from offering free releases. The offenders who commit the infringement will be condemned to prison and will be liable for compensation under the IT Act of 2008 and the Copyright Act of 1957.

Apart from that, the act stipulates that anyone who assists such violations should be subjected to the same penalties if they are caught. Because it is impossible to reach all of the viewers who support piracy sites, only the website’s administrators and those who copy the movies can be apprehended.

Movierulz4 is a prominent platform for south Indian films such as Telugu and Tamil, and it has a large viewership in the region. As a result, there have been several complaints from directors of such websites. However, Movierulz4 continues to offer pirated content.

Why should the viewer be punished for watching piracy content?

Whether it’s a movie or a web series, such content includes a watermark that looks like a copyright notice. As a result, the court will assume that the viewer visited the website and downloaded the video with the knowledge that it was illegal.

Depending on the circumstances, the penalties can range from 50,000 rupees to 200000. As a result, it is past time for internet users to recognize that this is a criminal act and that by encouraging such websites, they are fostering a form of online crime.


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