Level smart locks and Title trackers to join Amazon Sidewalk networks


Amazon’s long-awaited Sidewalk network is quickly gaining momentum, with the e-tailing giant announcing that Echo devices, Tile trackers, and now Level smart locks will be able to connect to its ambitious neighborhood network in the coming weeks.

Level smart locks will gain support for Sidewalk by the end of May, while Echo speakers and displays will be able to join Sidewalk on June 8. Finally, Tile trackers will join the Sidewalk parade on June 14.

Amazon has pitched Sidewalk, which was first announced at Amazon’s 2019 fall hardware event, as a way to extend network connectivity beyond the normal, Wi-Fi-constrained confines of a home.

Using a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 900MHz radio spectrum, and other frequencies, Sidewalk will allow multiple Ring, Echo, and other compatible devices to work together, creating a low-power, long-range network large enough to cover an entire neighborhood.

With a Sidewalk network up and running, users could install (for example) motion sensors and smart lights outside of their homes without worrying that they were out of Wi-Fi range.

In the case of Tile, Sidewalk will make it easier for Tile trackers, which typically rely on Bluetooth connectivity, to connect to the internet and help users find their lost items. Amazon had previously announced that Tile trackers would work with Sidewalk late last year.

Similarly, Sidewalk will allow Level locks to connect directly to a Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which means you’ll be able to both control your door lock as well as see who’s on your doorstep all within the Ring app.

Amazon promises that Tile trackers and Level locks are among the first non-Echo/Ring devices that will support Sidewalk, although it has yet to announce more third-party Sidewalk-compatible devices.


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