A KPI DASHBOARD software should be used by every business manager.

It gathers, categorises, organises, and visualises a company’s most critical indicators to provide a rapid view of its performance, well-being, and future growth.

Organizations can use KPI dashboards to see their success indicators in real time, allowing them to make better decisions that will help them achieve their long-term goals.

KPI dashboard software comes in a variety of formats. It can range from basic metric tracking tools to sophisticated business intelligence applications.

What is KPI Dashboard Software?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are performance indicators that show how well a company achieves its key business objectives.

They enable businesses to assess their performance and achieve their objectives.

KPIs are used to track performance metrics at various levels inside enterprises. Higher-level KPIs are more concerned with a company’s overall performance, whereas lower-level KPIs are more concerned with its business processes or cross-departmental personnel.

Organizations can use a KPI Management system to create, manage, visualise, and evaluate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Benefits Of KPI Dashboards

Business intelligence and KPI software can help you in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples.

1. Evaluate the company’s performance

With business intelligence tools, you can swiftly assess the health of your company. You can end up ruining your company if you don’t have it.

2. Compile a comprehensive picture

If you take a tunnel vision in business, you risk losing customers. KPI software can assist you in making better selections.

3. Calculate the return on investment

Fast KPI dashboards assign a dollar value to each indicator in addition to measuring them. The return on investment is simple to calculate.

4. Conserve funds

Viewing business performance from a variety of perspectives allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. What doesn’t work is discarded, and you focus on what does. This method allows you to save money.

5. Improve Your Funnel

When you have a good KPI dashboard at your disposal, you can easily spot growth prospects. Leaks in the funnel should be sealed, and drop-off points should be minimised.

6. Make business decisions based on data

These days, e-commerce is data-driven. A KPI tool can help you collect a lot of data from many sources so you can make data-driven decisions to push your company ahead.

Now that we understand why KPI reporting tools are so crucial, we’ll discuss the various dashboard software options available today.

Best KPI Dashboard Software & Tools For Creating Dashboard and Reports

1. Scoro


KPI Dashboard Software

Scoro is the right solution if you’re using various applications to manage work, track funds, plan projects, or compile reports.

It offers an all-in-one solution for all of the aforementioned tasks, as well as real-time tracking.

Your company’s KPIs may be tracked in real time on a Scoro dashboard, allowing you to keep track of every detail. Scoro can be linked with your existing software to allow you to track and monitor all of your data from a single location.

2. Datapine


When compared to Scoro, it gives advanced analytics metrics. Formulas can also be changed using the tool. After a period of time, you can automate the report generation.
The software has a number of interactive dashboards that provide instant access to any major metric. This programme has a neat feature in that it recognises patterns and new relationships, which takes the guesswork out of business decisions.

3. InetSoft

KPI Dashboard Software

InetSoft is an intriguing data mashup tool that allows users to integrate data from a variety of sources quickly and easily, augmenting or replacing the requirement for a data warehouse.

Inetsoft is designed primarily for SaaS and cloud computing companies who need to track data between on-premise and cloud-based applications.

4. Tableau


KPI Dashboard Software

Tableau is one of the most widely used business intelligence (BI) applications for computing business KPIs. One of the main reasons for its appeal is that it is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes to unlock the power of their most important assets: data and people.

Tableau is a fantastic tool for businesses with a small number of clients who need to deploy solutions across numerous organisations but don’t have the resources to put up their own servers.

5. SimpleKPI

KPI Dashboard Software

SimpleKPI provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to track and visualise your company’s statistics.

It’s jam-packed with basic features that help you understand your company’s success in less time. SimpleKPI has the advantage of allowing you to customise your dashboards and reports to match your company’s logo.

6. Smartsheet

KPI Dashboard Software

Smartsheet is a dynamic team collaboration platform that interfaces with apps like Tableau, Excel, QlikSense, and QlikView to provide you with great data visualisation and insights from your existing tools.

One noteworthy fact about Smartsheet is that more than half of Fortune 500 firms trust it.

7. Transpara Visual KPI

KPI Dashboard Software

Transpara Visual KPI is a KPI programme that links data with multiple individuals across the organisation in real-time.

It’s a robust piece of software for keeping track of and controlling real-time processes. Thousands of data sources are combined into colourful, easy-to-understand infographics.

You can make better judgments, reduce bottlenecks, and keep all of your teams up to date from an one spot.

8. Target Dashboard

KPI Dashboard Software

The Target Dashboard compiles all of your data into one convenient location. It is powerful and proactive in that it delivers critical information while also fostering growth  A progress email alerts you to potential problems and provides accountability.

The tool is intended to provide data from a variety of sources.  Admins have the ability to add an unlimited number of users.  Aside from that, you’ll be able to edit, re-share, and summarize the data.

9. Databox

KPI Dashboard Software

Databox is a real-time business analytics platform that centralises all of your data so you can track performance and uncover insights. On a single dashboard, you can integrate data from multiple sources to gain a more thorough picture of your performance at a glance.

Databox keeps everyone focused on what important, whether in the office, the corridor, or in meetings.

10. InfoCaptor

KPI Dashboard Software

For SQL databases, Infocaptor is a popular business intelligence tool and KPI dashboard software. For a reasonable price, InfoCaptor is a powerful programme that can handle a wide range of BI Dashboards, data visualisation, and analytics demands.

11. KPI Fire

KPI Dashboard Software

Rather than overwhelming you with features and complexity, KPI Fire streamlines company management. It offers a HuddleBoard-style dashboard that makes doing company reviews simple.

12. Bright Gauge

KPI Dashboard Software

Bright Gauge is a simple dashboard that allows you to examine data from all of your favourite apps in one location.

By pulling in all of the data and putting the silos in one place, you can develop new and intuitive dashboards.

13. Qlik Sense

KPI Dashboard Software

Qlik Sense is a versatile data exploration and visualisation tool that can assist you in turning vast amounts of data into actionable business insights. It’s a strong and unique cloud-based business platform with an AI associative analytics engine.

14. Grow

KPI Dashboard Software

Grow is a reporting and business intelligence dashboard that enables companies to expand more quickly. It is one of the most highly rated BI tools for businesses of all sizes. The best thing is that no coding is required.

15. Sisense

KPI Dashboard Software

Sisense helps you optimise business value by generating insights from difficult data. The programme provides a user-friendly end-to-end platform for complex data processing and visualisation. Sisense wields a great deal of power. It collects data in real time from a number of sources, integrates it, and allows non-techies to create stunning reports.


It’s finally here!

Our selection of the top KPI dashboard software and solutions for tracking and analysing business performance. These KPI analytics software, which range from web-based to cloud-based, offer configurable metrics and results
You can pick and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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