Alexa Routine

How to trigger an Alexa routine by dismissing an alarm

Wanna set up Alexa Routine? When I say “Alexa, good morning,” she offers me a weather report, some good news, and (of course) a rooster crow. The only issue? It’s my own damn fault that I rarely utilize it.

I frequently forget to say “good morning” to Alexa in the morning hustle, which means I frequently miss hearing the weather forecast—and, worse, no rooster.

Another option is to set my morning Alexa routine to start at 6:50 a.m. when my bedroom smart lights turn on and my alarm goes off, but I’d probably be too drowsy to notice Alexa’s morning greeting.

But there’s a third approach that’s even more effective, and one that I’d never considered before: initiating an Alexa routine by turning off an alarm.

I never forget to start my morning ritual now; Alexa’s alarm is difficult to ignore. When Alexa informs me of an upcoming day, I’m also in a better frame of mind.

Alarm dismissal triggers can, of course, be used for purposes other than morning routines. You could, for example, kick off a lighting scene by turning off an alarm, starting a Spotify playlist, or changing an Echo setting like volume or “do not disturb” status.

You can tell Alexa to only perform routines triggered by dismissing an alarm during specific time periods, and you can also tell her to “suspend” such a routine so it doesn’t run repeatedly in a short amount of time.

Once you’ve decided to use an alarm dismissal as a trigger, you may choose which days of the week the routine will run (for example, only on weekdays) and when it will run (maybe just for an hour in the mornings). As a result, your routine won’t be activated every time you turn off an alarm (although that is an option).

You may also tell Alexa to “suspend” the routine for a period of time ranging from a minute to 12 hours, which is useful for preventing Alexa from repeating the routine too soon after it was initiated.

Alexa Routine

How to trigger an Alexa routine by dismissing an alarm

  • Let’s start by making a new Alexa routine. Open the Alexa app, go to More > Routines, and then hit the “+” button in the top-right corner of the screen to name your routine.
  • After that, hit When this happens, then Alarms; you’ll see a page that states “Alarm is dismissed” (that’s the only option). To confirm, tap Next.
  • You can skip ahead to programming what will happen when the routine runs if you want Alexa to trigger your new routine whenever someone dismisses an alarm. However, if you only want Alexa to respond to an ignored alarm during specific times—say, only on weekday mornings—you’ll have to set those windows. To do so, select Change from the drop-down menu next to any time.
  • You may now select which days of the week you want the alarm dismissal trigger to be active (for example, Monday through Friday only), as well as the time frames you want it to be active during (maybe between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning). Alexa can also be programmed to “suspend” the schedule for up to 12 hours.
  • Finally, tap Add action to customize what happens during your routine, such as the crowing rooster (the only right way to start the day), a polite Alexa greeting, a smart lighting scene, and so on. Is everything finished? Save the file.

Remember that canceling an alarm by voice command (“Alexa, stop”) or manually (by pressing a button on your Echo speaker or swiping the screen of an Echo Show) can start a routine. Snoozing an Alexa alarm, on the other hand, isn’t allowed.


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