Sometimes, you would like to indicate some other person the thing that’s on your screen. during this case, taking a screenshot is that the easiest thing to try to to. Here’s a way to take a screenshot on a Chromebook!


Be it work or a faculty assignment or the other purpose, our reliability over the net has increased so has on the visual data like images.




Chromebooks may be a bit confusing for somebody coming from another platform, especially because their keyboards are somewhat different than those of Macs or Windows PCs. Some keys present on other laptops are missing, while new ones are added. However, once you recognize the essential key combinations for taking screenshots, you’ll be good to travel.




It is not mandatory to clarify what proportion improvement and alter a picture can make in a very sheet of words. So here is an editorial associated with the pervasive way of getting images – Screenshot.




Screenshots allow you to use not only a picture but also a whole view of your device screen. This way, you’ll be able to gather the majority the data over the online or other sources to your device within the style of images.




Taking screenshots on an Android device is familiar to almost every Android user, but when it involves devices like PC, Mac, Chromebook, etc. So to assist you out,




here is a writing on a way to take a screenshot on Chromebook. we’ve got mentioned below four working methods which will facilitate your take a Screenshot.




How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook


Quick tips


  • Hold down the Ctrl + Switch window keys to capture a full screenshot.


  • Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Switch window keys to capture a particular area.





In most cases, the simplest thanks to taking a screenshot on your Chromebook is by using button combinations — whether that get on your Chromebook’s keyboard or with the facility and volume buttons.




The simplest one, first! This method is comparable to the way of taking screenshots on an Android device, and hence, you will find it easier.




Step 1. Taking a screenshot on Chromebook using the side buttons is a simple process. And if you’re using it during a tablet mode, then far better.




Step 2. To use a Chromebook in an exceedingly tablet mode, swing it to the rear.




Step 3. kind of like what you are doing on an Android device, press the facility and Volume Down button together.




Step 4. This way, the full screen is captured. just in case you wish to require a cropped section of it, you may need to use the keyboard.




Starting first with keyboard shortcuts, there are two you’ll be wanting to remember:




  • Ctrl + []]] to require a screenshot of the complete screen.


  • Ctrl + Shift + []]] to require a screenshot of a particular portion of your screen.


  • For the second command, you’ll use your mouse/cursor to pick out the world of your screen you wish to capture. For those times when there’s just a tiny low a part of your screen you would like to avoid wasting, it’s quite handy.





On that note, it’s worth mentioning that these commands are slightly different if you’re using an external keyboard along with your Chromebook. therein scenario, you’ll use Ctrl + F5 and Ctrl + Shift + F5, respectively.




To take a screenshot of the whole screen, use the Ctrl + Show windows key combination. The Show windows key, which seems like a rectangle with two lines on the correct side, is on the highest row of the keyboard (it’s the equivalent of the F5 key on a PC keyboard).




To take a screenshot of some of the screen, press the Shift + Ctrl + Show windows keys. You’ll see a crosshair icon; click and drag it until the a part of the screen you wish to repeat is highlighted, so yield.




How to take a screenshot with a stylus


If you’ve got a Samsung Chromebook Plus, Pixelbook with the Pixelbook Pen, or the other Chromebook with an included stylus, you’ve got an extra option available.




When you use the pen, you will have a menu of tools available to you within the lower right corner. Inside that menu, you’ll be able to capture a locality of the screen (and use the pen to draw this region), or capture the whole screen.


How to take a screenshot with Chrome extensions


The built-in methods for taking a screenshot on a Chromebook work well, but if you wish even more options, you’ll be able to always install Chrome extensions that provide you with more screenshot-capturing abilities.




A few of our favorites include:


Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder — Whole and partial screenshots, editing tools, trim/crop tools, record video from screen and webcam. — Whole and partial screenshots, editing/annotation tools,


FireShot — Whole and partial screenshots, editing tools, send screenshots on to Gmail


All of the above extensions are absolve to use, and if you intend on taking lots of screenshots on a daily basis, it would be worth getting an extension dedicated to doing just that to create your workflow a bit smoother.


Using external keyboards


If you’re employing a Chrome OS-powered desktop (Chromebox) or an external keyboard plugged into your Chromebook, the keyboard probably uses a customary function key row rather than Chrome’s dedicated button row. Here are the Chrome OS commands that replace the standard function key commands:




F1 – Previous page


F2 – Next page


F3 – Refresh


F4 – Fullscreen


F5 – Switch window


F6 – Decrease brightness


F7 – Increase brightness


F8 – Mute


F9 – Decrease volume


F10 – Increase volume


For capturing a screenshot, type Ctrl + F5 on a customary keyboard. For a partial capture, press Ctrl + Shift first followed by F5.





Wrapping Up


So those were the four working and best methods to require a screenshot on Chromebook. just in case something is missing that you simply would want us to feature or if you’re stuck at any of the above steps, be happy to allow us to know.




We’d be glad to assist you!


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