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The Best Games Like Stardew Valley on PC

Looking for PC games like Stardew Valley? There are few fantasies as enticing because of the idea of simply leaving the globe of labor and offices behind and moving bent on the country to try to something simpler and more rewarding. It’s one in each of the items that create Stardew Valley such an awfully enjoyable game – it’s not just well made, it’s the proper escapism.


That’s why, if you’ve already played the sportyou would possibly air the rummage around for games like Stardew Valley, after all, it’s always fun to play something different. Now, a number of these games have plenty in common with Stardew Valley, some only have a bit, but all of them capture an analogous feeling.


My Time At Portia


Whether it’s crafting, farming, or harnessing the liberty of the globe and story. Games like Stardew Valley aren’t all that tough to come back by, mainly because of games that have borrowed such a lot from the genre, but these are the simplest games like Stardew Valley you’ll be able to play on PC.


1. Moonlighter

Moonlighter should tick all of your Stardew Valley boxes. By day, it’s a management game where you’re employed as a shopkeeper, bartering with customers and restocking shelves therewith reasonably wonderful, brain-soothing, mediocrity. But, by night you’re a warrior, diving into roguelike dungeons to scavenge wares for your shop. Oh, and did we mention the overarching story is incredible? It’s all filled with destiny and anguish and a touch of family drama. It absolutely nails that wonderful, self-perpetuating, gameplay loop of busywork that Stardew Valley excels at, with a bit touch of Binding of Isaac and even some tongue in cheek Dark Souls references. Prepare yourself for a replacement addiction.


Moonlighter on Steam

2. Doraemon Story of Seasons

Like full phase of the moon, Story of Seasons had never made its thanks to PC until it paired with the foremost unlikely of companions: a young manga protagonist from the ’70s. Doraemon Story of Seasons takes the pastoral life adventure into a setting filled with distinctly Japanese settings unlike the full phase of the moon and most of its derivatives that select a more “anywhere” rural vibe. This incarnation of Story of Seasons has Noby and his friends doing all the same old rural life activities like planting fields of crops, making friends, cooking, and attending festivals within the town of Natura. Its adorable watercolor visual style may be a welcome change from past Story of Seasons games that had retained Harvest Moon’s chibi-style 3D aesthetic.




Before you say anything, yes, farms and cemeteries are very different, we know. However, the management of both, a minimum of in keeping with Graveyard Keeper, is truly quite similar. You play as someone taking care of a medieval cemetery, progressing to bump profits as high as possible, and keep the dead where they belong.


It’s also a story too, so, you see, exactly like Stardew Valley. Also, it very proudly proclaims to be the “most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim” so that’s something to enjoy if you’d rather avoid the notion of historical accuracy in games.


Meeting the Merchant! | Graveyard Keeper Gameplay | Let's Play ...


4. My Time at Portia

Like Stardew Valley, stepping into My Time at Portia will be a touch of a grind to urge into. But, the globe is so delightful and rewarding to be in, and interact with, that you simply soon won’t really mind thisthe simplest thanks to describing My Time at Portia is to mention it’s like crossing The Sims with Stardew, with lashings of Studio Ghibli-Esque graphics thrown on top permanently measures, like some reasonably amazing sundae. This game is the maximum amount about becoming a part of the Portia community because it is farming or crafting, and that’s a part of its charm. Everyone just wants to be your BFF, it’s up to you to ask them into your pack. Add that seek all the buddies to the continual rummage around for resources to create things for your workshop and also the town as an entire, and you’re suddenly very busy indeed. And, oh wait, has the entire weekend gone already?



5. Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Orange Season has been in Early Access for over two years but is already cut from the identical cloth as Stardew Valley. you’ll be able to raise crops and animals on your farm likewise as tame wild animals and produce them home to lift. All the opposite usual suspects are here as well: Changing seasons, tool upgrades, building relationships with townsfolk, and farm customization. There are some neat little changes to the recipe like having the ability to own an NPC friend follow you around as a companion.


Orange Season has been in Early Access for many long but does seem to be continually in flux, with a giant rework to the map occurring at one point in development and enhancements to other systems coming frequently likewise.


Fantasy Farming Orange Season Gameplay walkthrough part 1 (No ...


Slime Rancher is secretly one in every of the simplest games from a previous couple of years. it’s a beautiful style, an incredibly strange setting, and one in every of the foremost entertaining ways of interacting with the globe thus far. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, and your aim is to lift slimes from an infantile state and keep them happy and healthy. you’ll be able to also cross-breed the slime to create things like exploding-flying slimes, and you are doing this while trying to resolve a mystery some light-years far from Earth.



7. Littlewood

Littlewood is plenty cute, with the identical reasonably jaunty music that creates you are feeling happy while playing Stardew. it’s an extended list of chores that you will recognize: farming, mining, bug catching, cooking, crafting, and so on. you have plenty more control over the topology of your town likewisewhich implies customizing the layout to your exacting standards. With villagers to recruit, a museum to fill, and buildings to plan it’s almost the maximum amount a PC Animal Crossing because it is Stardew.


8. Voodoo Garden

If you would like a simplified version of Stardew Valley, you would possibly want to treat yourself to Voodoo Garden, which is essentially an exquisite idle clicker farming sim. In it, you’re tasked with building your own garden, growing, and harvesting ingredients to use in various voodoo potions and other recipes. From flowers, mushrooms, and honey, to snake fangs and frogs’ legs, you better be channeling the occult before you begin planting for this game. you’ll be able to also start fattening up chickens and rabbits in your garden too to create other ingredients, or as sacrifices for other dark deeds. Plus, when they’re gone their spirits can help tend your garden as long as it’s not raining. Ghosts don’t like rain, apparently. It’s a wonderful little clicker and also the reasonable thing that you simply can play whilst watch Netflix.


Voodoo Garden Trailer ( ̄▽ ̄) - YouTube

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