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Games Like Corruption Of Champions Worth Your Time!

After the high tech gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox came into play, we value more highly to play fewer games like Corruption of Champions. Now, What Corruption of Champions games are like? These are text-based flash games supported browser and limited OS support but unfortunately are out of the league now. Furthermore, we rarely encounter games like these and another excuse being that lewd games are hard to find.


Corruption of Champions may be a game many will always rememberthe sport is about within the fantasy magic world and full of action and adventure that may cause you to sit unknowingly, on the sting of your chair while playing. What about the storyline? Awesome! you may live among villages as an easy person. But that doesn’t elude you from collaborating within the action.


The village usually selects warriors that help to fight against and repel enemy attacks. Children go missing, and diverse evil deeds occur here and there. Corruption of Champions may be a game worth playing. But one will eventually get uninterested in playing repeated, someday. So before reaching to that time or if you’re already started trying to find the best Corruption of Champions alternatives, these are the games to undertake out.



1. Kingdom of Loathing

The kingdom of Loathing could be a turn-based game and a motivating Corruption of Champions alternative in every aspect. At the beginning of this awesome game, you’ll have the chance to customize the character you propose using. And excitingly, you furthermore may get to settle on your preferred gender and sophistication of character.

Another thing you wish to grasp about this game is that you just must sign on to play. Plus if you have got the mind to undertake the sport, hurry now because the quantity of KoL players is increasing by the day. The KoL comes full of adventure; you’ll engage in numerous tasks, and remove many enemies within the village. And on the developer’s site, you’ll discover a myriad of players like yourself and also the levels each of them has attained.


2. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival is an addictive game that will cause you to forget that the Corruption of Champions ever existed. But you want to be of legal adult age to play the sport. In other words, you want to be above 18 years old to form an account on the platform or play a personality. However, the easy reason for this is often the adult content within the game. So if you’re not within the stipulated age, please find another alternative or exercise some patience.

However, Flexible Survival may be a bit almost like Corruption of Champions and falls within the text-based flash game category. one in every one of them wants is for you to remain normal even within the wake of the virus outbreak. you want to try hard to stay your sanity until military personnel arrives.


3. Trails Of Tainted Space

Developed by Fenexo and team that designed Corruptions of Champions, Trails of Tainted Space is that the second preferred text-based game after COC. the sport is additionally popular for its erotic and sexual elements. You get more customizing options for the character that the other game on this list.
You enter the sport as you explore the map, find and unlock new characters, and start your in-game adventure. The plot revolves around the lifetime of the most character that inherited a ship left by his father as he has taken off to get more power and wealth. because of the main character, you get to interact and have sexual interactions with other characters.

The main agenda of the gameplay is to stay a balance between erotic and fantasy stuff that you just get within the game. of these features make this game one in every of the simplest alternatives to Corruptions of Champions.


4. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

If you wish to experience the important magic and fun of classic text adventures, then play Cypher. you’ll not only fall love with the sound of this game but the appeal of the graphics. But there’s a difference between this game and also the Corruption of Champions, including others on this list, which is about erotic scenes. In Cypher, the main focus is on the next part.

The curiosities in NeoSushi City, an area which this awesome game is about on, are many. Plus there are such a big amount of places for you to explore. you’ll have the pleasure of visiting a Capsule Hotel featuring a talking elevator, the primary the globe has ever had. If you wish to enjoy a full new adventure of text-based games, then try Cypher.


5. Free Cities

Consider too this to be an erotic and slavery management Game like Corruption of Champions. This game was developed for Twine 2 and is supported by the browser allowing playing it online.

Though the sport doesn’t provide the players with the customization options for the characters, the players have gotten amazing powers and perform various tasks like training, buying, selling, and managing the slave course and plenty of more. The player will attempt to give good feet forward for slaving fetish and searches for the realistic and quite slavery.




With this list of text-based erotic games, these are the simplest alternatives to games like Corruption of Champions. So if rejoiced to play Corruption of Champions, you’ll be able to take a look at these erotic RPGs, then you’ll be able to try them out instantly. We hope you may love the games we’ve listed. you’ll be able to also share your favorite games like CoC if we’ve missed any within the comments below and that we will include it in our list.

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