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10 Alternatives to Flixtor for FREE Streaming TV Shows and Movies

Sadly, it’s official: Flixtor is offline, and there’s no projected date for its return.


Under extreme pressure from the industry, one in every of our favorite free movie and television streaming services has been off from the online. If you’ve visited a so-called Flixtor website recently, please read on, because you’re putting yourself in danger.


Dozens of recent sites have popped up claiming to be the “new Flixtor,” but they’re all fake and unsafe. Flixtor’s developers confirmed during a public statement that any website claiming to be a replacement version of the service could be a fraud.


Wait a second, what really happened to Flixtor?

Flixtor has been a touch vague about what really happened. Some users think that pressure from the industry and legal issues led the web site to finish off. However, this seems unlikely because the nice news is that the Flixtor crew is already functioning on new video software and hardware to rebuild their library and are available back online.


The crew released an announcement where they stated the web site should be back about a period of time from 13th December 2018. So, all hope isn’t lost! we are able to yet keep our fingers crossed for the return of our favorite free streaming website.


Top Alternatives for Flixtor in 2019


The websites that I’m visiting discuss below are all safe and reliable services which work even better if you have got an honest streaming VPN working within the background.



1. LookMovie

LookMovie offers free movie streams with no ads whatsoever. it’s all the most recent movies that become available soon after they’re released. However, high-quality versions (720p and 1080p) take longer to become available, and also the quality varies for every title.



There are 1000s of films from old classics to recent blockbusters available on LookMovie. you’ll be able to select subtitles from different languages also, or turn all captions off if you so desire.



Unfortunately, LookMovie only offers movies, no TV shows.

2. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is another one in all the sites like flixtor that provide a platform to serve users with innumerable movies, videos, and television Shows. while the subtitles here are by default and can’t be turned off, you are doing get a spread of options within the quality of the video.



You can select from ‘CAM’ to 1080p quality as per your choice and internet connectivity. Its interface is kind of clean with categories like – Top IMDb, TV Series, Genre, Country, etc. you’ll find nearly a thousand-plus titles here.



The interface is friendly to the users, and also the site offers HD content. The videos are labeled as CAM or HD so you’ll know the standard of the video from its cover itself.

3. LoveFilm

LoveFilm may be a video-on-demand movie streaming service that has been acquired by Amazon. Presently it’s almost seventy thousand movies and over four million Blu Ray, DVDs, games, and other stuff that it rents out every month in five categories.



LoveFilm, at the instant, is that the largest DVD rental and streaming outlet within the UK and Europe. This service offers a large range of services to the movie lovers within the shape of the downloading system additionally to renting movies or dispatching movies by posts in addition.


4. iPhlix

iPhlix is one in every of the most effective options for iOS users who want to enjoy streaming and watching their favorite movies from the easiness of their smartphones or tablets. you simply must download and install this application and obtain relaxed for watching movies. This application isn’t officially recognized by the App Store that’s why it’s not available on the App Store.



The willing users have to download and install the appliance from the independent store. Before doing so, they have to take care of the installation of the app. iPhlix works unitedly with Netflix.


5. Watch Series

Watch Series may be a television program streaming electronic computer. the quantity of shows available in Watch Series is immense, to mention the smallest amount. But the catch is…. yeah, you guessed it: the web site features a lot of ads for you to cater to. Unlike other sites mentioned above, Watch Series redirects you to a third-party website, because it doesn’t host any shows itself. that’s another drawback of this service, but we will bear therewith until Flixtor returns to the scene.

6. Putlocker

Putlocker is another great alternative to Flixtor that has been around for years. The platform offers the newest shows and flicks online freed from charge. due to its menu bar, you’ll be able to navigate between various genres of films and countries in addition.



Additionally, the platform includes a dedicated section listing the highest IMDb films. It also features a great informational blog that may offer you a number of the newest updates about the movie industry. you’ll be able to access Putlocker at Putlocker.vip. the large question is whether or not or not Putlocker is safe to use – We answer that question for you here.

7. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is that the next Flixtor alternative that gives its users both movies likewise as TV Shows. Popcorn Time has its app that’s compatible with the majority of the Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Android also as macOS.



8. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an application for the Android devices that are used for streaming videos and flicks in HD quality. the most effective is that Terrarium TV is unengaged to use video streaming and playing applications that may give you an excellent selection of top-class movies.



The movie collection of this app will surely make your day by offering you movies in ultra-modern pixels that you simply can enjoy from your smartphone. It doesn’t require installation of any additional plug-in, media player or different kinds of application the least bit.

9. Movie HD App

Movie HD App could be a gigantically used application for the Android devices that provides a free means to the Android smartphone users to urge instant access to the thousands of films and television shows. This app is intended and arranged for watching an excellent number of TV shows, movies, and videos free.



One of the most effective things about Movie HD App is that it’s the best collections of films to stream onto your devices. you’ll expect a lot of videos and flicks from this video and movie streaming app. it’s simply the proper solution available over the web for entertaining yourself with an outsized number of TV shows and films.




10. Lawd

Lawd may be a Windows-based software used for enjoying movies and television shows from the screens of your desktop PCs. it’s liberated to use tools for movie and video streaming. Watching movies from the convenience of PC wasn’t easy than before, but now it’s being made possible with the usage of this application that knows what you would like to induce from any movies and videos offering tools.



This simple to use tool allowing its users to look at TV shows or movies on their PCs in an efficient manner. They only have to select the movie they need to play then click on the corresponding link mentioned within the description page to enjoy it fully. one in every of the simplest things about Lawd is that it offers portable formats, so you are doing not must install any software on your computer the least bityou’ll use it from the convenience of your USB also.




Summing Up

Flixtor has disappeared from the scene, but there are positive signs for a return of our favorite movie streaming website soon. Meanwhile, you’ll satisfy your streaming urges through the Flixtor alternatives I’ve got mentioned above and use a VPN while you’re at it to streamline your experience to the next degree.

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