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Captain Marvel Torrent Download Best Sites in 2021

There are many torrent sites out there. But as far as we know most of them are not working. Either they are blocked or the movie or TV shows we want to find are missing. We have searched around 20 websites and found ten which is working fine. The main reason why we took this article because we all know that many of the torrent sites which are working fine demands you to complete some surveys to download your files.
Completing surveys is very time-consuming and sometimes we stuck at a point where we can’t even download out files.

Torrent sites are always not safe and secure and we advise you to take proper precautions while surfing. Hackers might take advantage of torrent sites by infecting them with malicious malware and spyware that can easily steal your private information.

So here is the list of top 10 Torrent Websites which are working fine in 2020.

1. Pirate Bay-Best Ever Torrent Site

This is the most famous torrent site which has evaded multiple shutdown and blocks. One feature of this site is VIP/Trusted flags which let you know which torrent is safe and legit. 
The site is very popular and you can find pretty much everything on this site. It has millions of torrent and magnet links available. Due to piracy, it’s name changing continuously.

If it is not loading properly you can use a VPN. The average download speed is around 6MB/sec.

The Pirate Bay

2. RARGB-Best for New Content

This torrent site very much popular for new content downloads. You can find the top ten movies, TV shows, Music and many other categories. Here you can find a huge variety of new and old torrents for download.
RARGB is continuously adding new torrents. It was created in 2008 and has built a reputation for high-quality content.

3. 1337x

If you want to search for anything then this torrent gives a very fast and suitable response. It is helpful for browsing Oscar Nominations, New Episodes, and libraries and many more things. It’s revamped interface makes it very smooth and tracker very much better.
With the interface help, you can even find a torrent that you are not sure of. The site currently revamped and all layout were changed. The average download speed is around 4MB/sec.

4. Torlock

This is the torrent site for Anime and Ebook download. You can find a wide variety of Anime, Ebook and music torrent. The interface is very clean and simple. You can get the top 100 torrent list of amazing shows, Animes and other kinds of stuff.

If you are looking for high-quality anime to download then it is for you. Torlock’s interface provides a huge list of torrents with fantastic user experience. The average download speed is around 4.4MB/s.

5. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is famous for the music category. And it is very easy to use and has an easy design. You can find a great variety of Music torrents. Torrentz2 is basically another version of the Torrentz website. It has kept the minimalistic design of its predecessor and focussed more on music. The average download speed is around 2MB/sec.

6. YTS

The torrent site is best for classic movies. If a user a limited bandwidth then this torrent site is for them. You can browse any content easily. YTS is more focused on movies. You will find here wonderful layouts and a huge variety of torrents. It is very easy to use for users with limited bandwidths. The only drawback is that YTS is for movies and for any other category you have to find another torrent.


EZTV was founded in 2005. This is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. You can find pretty much everything related to TV shows, late-night shows, NASCAR races. This torrent provides you very reliable and malware-free links and a very easy interface to work with. If you have any problem while opening this torrent you can use VPN.


If you can’t find anything and many other sites are blocked in you country then Limetorrents is for you. The Alexa ranking of theis site is 1626. And this is one of the best alternatives when you can’t find a proper torrent. Limetorrents provide a very easy and malware-free magnet link and have a very simplistic layout. The average download speed is around 3.1MB/s.

9. Zooqle

This torrent site is new to the market and day by day becoming very popular. It is mostly famous for Movies and TV shows. Another good thing about this torrent site is that owner of zooqle created a smart little API that pulls metadata on the video torrents. The Alexa rank is around 4007 and it provides a download speed of 2.6MB/sec.
zooqle proxy

10. TorrentDownloads

Like any other torrent sites TorrentDownloads is for all kinds of stuff like Movies, Tv shows, Music, Reality Shows, and Animes. The database of TorrentDownloads is in millions and the average download speed is 2.5MB/s.
This is the list of all popular torrent sites in which you can give a try. If anyone of this site is not working try using VPN to bypass servers. Because in many countries many of them are blocked.
Because of some illegal contents and malware practices, all the torrent sites can be blocked anytime.
However, it didn’t stop users to download contents from torrents. If one website is taken down another can be created.

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