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CamScanner for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download


A scanner is a vital tool for storing documents electronically because it enables users to own images of documents in several formats. Scanning machines are usually expensive and not portable to hold about making a software scanner a decent alternative. one of the popular alternative scanning software used on smartphones is CamScanner.


CamScanner is employed by millions to scan documents and keep information. The software gives excellent features like high-resolution scan, picture detection, and good editing. These kinds of features have made CamScanner a trusted software, it’s however not compatible with PC.


If you don’t have access to a scanner, the CamScanner app could be a very convenient and handy tool to ownit’s even more convenient to own the CamScanner app on your PC, Windows, or Mac. The app uses your phone or tablet to require a digital, high-resolution image of a physical document.


It is one of the simplest image scanning apps out there with cool features.


Though there’s the simplest way around this limitation by using an android emulator. BlueStacks is kind of an Android emulator that helps you run Android applications on your PC. This type of emulator is pretty straightforward and installs well on both new and older PCs. The CamScanner runs well on BlueStacks and enables it to be used on both Windows and Mac computers.


The utilization of  CamScanner on PC gives many advantages like it’s easy to navigate features and functionalities. you’ll easily convert scanned images into pdf files and convert batch images into one pdf format. there’s also the share option whereby documents are often shared on social media, email, and other storage.


Here could be a step by step guide of putting in this scanner software on your PC.

CamScanner Features

• It provides enhanced editing tools allowing watermarks, hand-written notes to be added. They also feature auto-enhancement and smart cropping.


• Quick image creation and digitization.


• Smart text detection due to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows easy detection of texts within documents and even photos.


• Intelligent document edge detection.


• there’s also an offline option for CamScanner for PC.


• The optical reader that may enhance a text.


• Conversion of the captured images to JPEG or PDF.


• Create password-protected documents.


• It allows easy sharing of the created files easily on social media or store in your Google Drive or DropBox.


• Registered users can view and edit documents on the go.


• Registered users even have access to Quick Search which may find your document easily and even scan through text contained in documents or perhaps pictures due to OCR features.


• CamScanner allows remote printing of documents at a printer accessible or faxes a scanned document to over 30+ countries.


How to Install CamScanner on BlueStacks

Firstly you put in BlueStacks on your computer. you merely look for BlueStacks on google and install it from the software website. The software is unengaged to download at no cost but is full of Ads.


Secondly, I founded the BlueStacks installation by following the on-screen steps. The software would request for a Google account, just put your email address which is resolved. This information is important before you’ll download and install it from the play store.


Navigate the house screen and click on my apps tab. look for the Play Store icon on the tab and click on thereonthis is able to open the Google Play Store app, locate the search bar, and input CamScanner.


A drop-down list will open giving similar scanning apps click on the primary option and install the applying. Installation takes a touch while on the BlueStacks emulator.


After Installation clicks the Cam Scanner icon on my apps tab to start scanning.


Note: The Cam Scanner application connects to the webcam of your PC which you are using and it utilizes to scan documents. it’s going to be better to use an external webcam for easier capturing of files. it’s also better to acquire a contemporary webcam to induce better picture quality of documents.



You can also save scanned documents with the cloud save option which enables users to export documents on to cloud storage. The navigation option is easy to use and you’ll edit scanned documents adding filters like brightness and alter the resolution of documents.


Furthermore, unlike physical scanners, you don’t have problems with maintenance, hardware failure, or replacing parts. with a stress-free scanning process.

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