Online adverts, as well as a combination of marketing methods, have a significant impact on the corporate environment in today’s world. For your company, call tracking software can be a useful tool for maximising the return on your advertising activities.

Consider the return on investment, or ROI, as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Your marketing strategy will be successful if your ROI is high, and vice versa.

A call tracking software can assist you in realizing the capabilities of your interactions if you aren’t already doing so. A tool like this could help your organization map out the data and discover places where you can improve your marketing efforts, increase engagement, and tap conversion rates.

If you’re searching for call tracking software to aid with your marketing and sales, here’s a list of the top ten call tracking software options. Continue reading to discover the best option for you.

But, before we get started, let’s go through the basics of call tracking software.

Call Tracking Software – What Is It?

A call tracking software assists you in determining the success of your efforts by revealing why a customer has called and how the conversion can take place.

It encompasses both traditional offline and current online channels.

It provides information about lead sources, allows you to archive calls, and tracks the advertising campaign that generated the most leads for you. Furthermore, you will receive substantial statistics and data to assist you in comprehending these trends.

If you give separate phone numbers to each promotion, you can count the amount of incoming calls you received from each one.

Supervisors will have a better idea of which campaigns are successful as a result of this. It’s for this reason that sales call tracking software is essential. When a user calls, the computer routes the call depending on a variety of factors such as the user’s intent, interests, and language, among others.

You may also record conversations to assess factors like call duration, customer sentiment, opinion, and more, and utilise that data to better your advertising campaigns and get more referrals.

The 10 Best Call Tracking Softwares for You

1. CallRailCall Tracking Software

You can monitor which advertising campaigns are providing the desired results using CallRail’s sales call tracking software. It aids you in determining which keywords or advertisements drew the most attention from clients, as well as the elements that contributed to this.
CallRail gives you access to the lead’s identity, location, and contact information in addition to call source identification. You can also record your conversations. The tool allows you to match inbound texts and calls to your advertising methods and networks in order to measure the campaign’s efficacy while upgrading your advertising expenditures and methods.

CallRail’s call identification feature allows you to connect via offline and online data and show precise ROI.

2. WhatConvertsCall Tracking Software

You can track calls in real time using WhatConverts to see which of your promotion activities are the most effective. This sales call monitoring software allows you to collect and track each contact made as a result of a phone call.

Call tracking enables you to link your company’s marketing strategy to all of your customers’ call leads, allowing you to receive proper credit. It has a configurable IVR menu that lets clients to hear a menu with numerous selections while also assisting in call routing to the proper contact.

You have the option of redirecting calls that come in outside of your business hours. It also includes a call transcription tool that allows you to evaluate call details without having to listen to the entire recording.

3. RingbaCall Tracking Software

With Ringba’s business call tracking software, you can improve your incoming strategy and make every call more efficient. On-demand telecom can help you establish promotional operations.

Routing, financial rules, and limiting are all tools you can use to manage your clients. Ringba’s comprehensive, automated call traffic management allows you to keep track of all customer data and assist you with lead conversion.

Ringba provides routing protocols and allows you to track client performance. It also offers intelligent call routing and positioning to connect your clients with available professionals working from anywhere on the earth.

4. ClixtellCall Tracking Software

Clixtell’s call tracking software is another excellent option on our list. It comes with all of the tools you’ll need to collect precise information on your conversations, customers, and staff, among other things. It can display the methods, ads, and phrases that lead to conversions.

You can keep track of phone calls made online, offline, and through ad networks. You can also discover how to use the technology to boost your digital presence and earnings by learning about it.

There are already thousands of toll-free and regional contact numbers available. Conversion statistics, a real-time monitor, call recording, comprehensive click and call records, customizable phone insertion, and a slew of other features are included.

5. CallFireCall Tracking Software

Using CallFire’s databases, you can track the progress of your campaign and advertise it to toll-free and local numbers. CallFire helps you make strategic business decisions based only on results, so you can see how effective what you’re doing is.

This call tracking software enables you to promote your product lines in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You can use the simulated number databases to create a localised or global reach.

Additionally, CallFire offers messaging and call tracking, allowing you to send SMSs from a call tracking mobile number in response to an inquiry through SMS and track it using Google Analytics.

6. FreshcallerCall Tracking Software

The call lifecycle function in Freshcaller provides information such as the caller’s identification, the operator who answered their call, and whether or not the call was relocated.

It also tells you how the conversation went, whether there were any additional call expenses and why they were incurred, and so on.

Up to 50 events are recognised by the sales call tracking software in outbound and inbound calls to help you determine how successful they were.

You can examine call persistence, response time, call durations, call forwarding, and other factors with Freshcaller.

7. HubspotCall Tracking Software

You can easily organise your daily telemarketing calls, initiate calls, and record them using HubSpot’s call monitoring tools.

It allows you to easily register the call with your customer relationship management software. It also allows you to provide more while reducing the amount of calls and efficiently scheduling your daily calls.

You may rate the best conversations when building up your daily calling lineup using HubSpot CRM’s customer information and engagement analytics.

Instead of picking up the phone, you may use HubSpot’s call tracker to make calls right from your browser.

8. CloudTalkCall Tracking Software

CloudTalk enables you to manage your call centre from anywhere in the world and foster excellent customer relationships.

With this call tracking software, you’ll be able to boost client interaction while also making your operations more productive than before.

You can also make custom additions or internal calls for each operator, customer, or unit, as well as construct custom discussion sequences and automatically record conversations.

You can listen to them later in your browser and add individual comments or internal calls for each operator, customer, or unit.

9. CallTrackerFXCall Tracking Software

CallTrackerFX provides a lot of value as a sales call tracking software. It has a beautiful dashboard and a simple user interface. It collects vital data, such as the caller’s location, device, call time and duration, and so on, for effective and immediate caller profile monitoring.

It interacts with your CRM, allowing you to incorporate important information from the system’s caller profiles into contact records.

It allows call transcription as well as real-time monitoring of caller metrics, allowing your customer care employees to provide customers with a more personalised experience while also assisting in the increase of conversions and interactions.

10. DialogTechCall Tracking Software

Another well-known name in the field of call tracking software and analytics is DialogTech. It gives important insights on calls, customers, and customer experiences thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Call routing technologies, call records, and smart connections are included in the application to help you attract more customers, better understand them, save money on advertising, and boost your return and sales.

As a result, you may be able to increase conversions by determining which promotional actions are the most effective. You can also adjust physical and digital interactions using the real-time data acquired from chats and calls.

Bottom Line

So there you have it. The most effective tools at your disposal for tracking and growing your marketing activities, which will lead to increased business growth.

A solid sales call monitoring software will assist you in learning more about people and connecting with them. If you can track the source of your calls, you’ll be able to see how your customers perceive your brand and the promotional activities that motivate them to contact you.

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