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Best TV antennas for cord cutters 2021: Reviews and buying advice

As cable and satellite TV services become more costly, more and more people are opting for free, over-the-air broadcasts instead. Based on a traditional pay-TV subscription, digital TV usually offers between 20 and 60 channels, depending on where you live, and can save you at least $1,000 per year.

People that do are often surprised by the higher picture quality provided by broadcast television. This is because cable and satellite providers compress video signals in order to minimize the bandwidth needed to stream them to your house, all in order to cram in more channels you’ll probably never watch anyway.

TV antenna cheat sheet

Setting up an antenna is easy, but you’ll need to know what channels are available in your area, how powerful the signals are likely to be, and which direction they’re coming from before you buy one.
Indoor antennas perform best in areas with strong or very strong signals, attic/outdoor antennas in areas with medium signal intensity, and larger outdoor antennas in areas with weak signals, as a rule of thumb. This article will assist you with your antenna purchase once you’ve decided on your requirements.

Best indoor TV antenna

Channel Master Flatenna 35

The Channel Master Flatenna is a great performer at an unbeatable price. It consistently pulled in all major local channels and is a good option if you need an indoor antenna.

A less-expensive non-amplified antenna, such as the Channel Master Flatenna, might be all you need to cut the cord if you live near enough to the broadcast towers for the stations you want to watch. We discovered that Channel Master was offering the best deal on this antenna at the time of this review: just $19 on Amazon.TV antennas

Winegard FlatWave Amped

For an indoor antenna, Winegard’s FlatWave Amped performs admirably. It’s compact and light, and it should fit well in areas with good local TV coverage.

The capacity of this antenna to take in more television channels than the competition amazed us. Furthermore, the ones it did receive were a little better than the ones received by our runner-up, which should make for more enjoyable television viewing.TV antennas


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