To check laptop battery health is one in every of the foremost important and under-rated things we all know. The battery which is in your laptop is very critical component which keeps it powered on when it’s not plugged in. So it’s important that one is alert to the changes to the capacity of the battery over time and also the wear that it endures thanks to any form of heavy use.


However, contrary to the present one is commonly not still informed about the battery checkup united should be. it’s an inclination to assume that the battery is functioning even as it should and by the time one realizes that it cannot hold a charge for a really very long time it’s to get replaced.
This is where some third-party tools can are available handy. These tools facilitate your in analyzing your laptop battery life by extracting the additional information that your battery must offer. Thus you’ll get the utmost output from your battery simultaneously increasing the general battery lifetime. Here may be a compilation of a number of the most effective laptop battery tester tools to assist you maintain a healthy battery.

1. BatteryInfoView

This is perhaps the foremost popular within the lot thanks to its simplicity. This free battery testing software offers the battery information very well on your system.

  • It’s small in size and provides you with this battery condition and details.


  • It shows battery power in current time, battery brand, developer name, serial number and many more things.


  • It also offers a log opening that inserts a fresh log series displaying the battery health after every 30 seconds.


Best of all, it doesn’t must be installed or load any DLL files and is compatible with all Windows versions.

2. BatteryBar

This utility displays less information in terms of numbers than BatteryInfoView but far more than the battery icon on the toolbar. BatteryBar could be a slightly larger battery icon – but click on that and a pop-up status window appears that provides valuable information like charge percent, capacity, charge/discharge rate, charge time left and also the level at which your battery is already exhausted.
The battery graphic color depends on its status, blue means it’s on A/C power and charging, green means it can be a high charge, yellow is medium and red is critical battery remaining.
The .NET Framework v2 could be a prerequisite to run the program and once installed you just have to right click on the Taskbar > Toolbars > BatteryBar. this may show the battery status graphic on your taskbar. BatteryBar will be utilized by Windows XP and other higher versions, certainly one amongst the simplest battery tester tool.

3. Battery Optimizer

If you’re trying to find something that not just displays your battery health details, but also optimizes your laptop battery for improved performance, then this can be it. It runs a check on your laptop and identifies what can improve your battery performance.

  • It helps you to increase your battery life using state-of-the-art techniques to test its efficiency.


  • Offers easy to grasp suggestions to be put into action that features approximately what quantity time can it save, etc.


  • Can track your battery consumption over the amount and notify you as and when the battery usage goes beyond a group parameter.


It uses the foremost progressive technology and functions that enable you to securely, quickly, and conveniently identify, improve, and track your laptop battery efficiency. It doesn’t take up much space and thus, doesn’t bog down your system.

4. Save Battery

Save Battery displays your battery status and remaining charge time on your laptop’s screen. It notifies you when the battery is fully charged preventing the overcharging of the battery. It allows you to customize the battery level and add a customized alarm. The sound notifications and live tile make it easier for you to watch your battery life because Save Battery will immediately notify you when it detects something important.
Some of the opposite features that are offered are display battery details, remaining battery balance time, four sorts of live tiles, differing kinds of notifications available (when the battery is fully charged when the battery is low) and export battery history. Save Battery is compatible with Windows 10.

5. BatteryMon

This is a straightforward battery health checking tool that exposes all of your laptop battery-related details on a simple interface. It monitors your laptop battery status and performance, thereby, helping you discover ways to extend your laptop battery life.

  • It provides you with various battery details just like the remaining battery, power source, efficiency, drainage rate, current status, and more.


  • Offers extra battery details via the data menu just like the battery name, voltage, serial number, charge, cycle, etc.


  • You can even check the power details of system, battery histogram, change to mini mode, and more.


Also can have access to different settings options like tweaking the transparency of the mini window, or developing symbol within the desktop system tray, offering user guide. 


If you are doing not want to be held in an uncalled-for situation by running out of battery once you need the laptop the foremost, get one among these battery testing softwares to air the safe side always. These are a number of the most effective battery health checking tools around that may make sure that you stay updated with the battery condition the least bit times.


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