Best Hunter Pets in WoW: Shadowlands Updated 2022

The world of Warcraft classes has expanded and evolved so much that what began with the original hunter pets has evolved into a variety of hunter pets that has piqued the interest of players.

Hunter is one of the classes that shadowland gamers pay the most attention to, owing to the fantastic hunter pets. Hunters pursue the wild and live in the woods. They have an incredible bond with nature and an unusual ability to befriend even the most ferocious beast.


In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about choosing the greatest hunter pets for your gaming time andas well as provide you with a comprehensive guide to the hunter’s monsters!

What is Hunter Pet?

Hunter Pets are the hunter’s constant companions as they roam across the various worlds in World of Warcraft. They accompany the hunter and protect him from suffering too much harm during battle.

The pet not only defends its master in battle, but also collaborates with the hunter to take down their prey using their gifts, powers, and specialties. Hunter pets provide a great deal of damage and debuffs.

Each Hunter pet belongs to a specific beast family. Stag, dog, bird of prey, mechanical, cat, wolf, Direhom, serpent, and other pet families are examples.

Types of hunter pets specialization-

– Cunning- deftly avoid harmful blows to the target. Mobility is a priority. Hunter pets benefit from greater speed.
– Ferocity- the ability to chase prey with ferocity. On their way to victory, they will stop at nothing. Heroic potential. damage reducing ability
– Tenacity- Veteran and stalwart defenders have thick hides that prevent them from fighting or pursuing prey.

The Best Hunter Pets in WoW: Shadowlands

As a hunter, selecting the ideal pet is a crucial decision. The correct hunting pet can help you remain alive and defend you from dangerous attacks.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest wow hunter pets based on their pet family and attributes.

These are the best hunter pets available. They belong to and are rated by their skills to heal, protect their friendly targets, and harm and damage their foes, according to the pet family.



Hunter Pets


The Scalehide family of Hunter dogs is known for its aggressiveness. It made its debut in the Legion expansion. Ancylodon Bull and Thunderstomp are two notable teams.

Other powers are also a specialty of ScaleHides. Scale Shield is one of them. With the scaling shield ability, their hides thicken by 50% for 12 seconds, reducing damage from lethal attacks.

Ancylodon Bull


Hunter Pets

All Ancylodon s are Zanlander dinosaurs.

The Ancylodon Bull may do physical damage to their opponents. They increase the caster’s pain and physical damage by 25% and extend the duration to twelve seconds when using the Enrage ability.

Ancylodon (Beast) Race Level 10-50
Alliance Horde Reaction
Zuldar’s location
Bite, Enrage, and Shredding claws are all killable abilities.



Hunter Pets


Stegodons are the ancestors of dinosaurs. They have a bigger size. They are native to Un. Goro Crater’s fear run. Stegodon has a wide range of names, colours, and skills, with some being elite.
Hunters have the ability to tame Stegodons. They’re a member of the Scalehide clan.

They are violent, short-tempered, and gigantic reptile monsters with four legs the size of tree trunks. They are easily annoyed. Stegodon strikes by charging towards the attacker and impaling him. They’re obstinate creatures. A Stegodon is known for fighting to the death.

Stegodon (Beast) race, level 15-30
Alliance Horde Reaction
Pet Family of Terror Run, Un’Goro Crater
Head Smash, Rushing Charge, and Scalehide Abilities


Hunter pets from the Aquiri family are thought to be the best. Hunters in the Aquiri pet family excel in deception. Aquiri are an exotic pet family that can only be tamed by Beast mastery hunters who have exotic monsters.

In Shadowland, Aquiri is the fastest hunter pet. They have a clever movement speed that allows them to attack without being seen. They have incredible speed boosts, allowing them to thrive in battle and assault their targets faster.

Clow, Tendon Rip, and Dune Steider.
Master’s call, pathfinding specialisation.

Lord Aj’Qirai


Hunter Pets


In Uldum, Lord Aj’Qirai can be found in the moon chamber. They have Aquiri Mind Toxin skills, which allow them to deal two nature damage every two seconds for ten seconds to five minutes.

The ravenous charge their adversary, stun them with mind toxin, reduce their health to twenty-six, and knock them down.

Aquiri (Beast) race, rare level 50 Alliance Horde Affliction – Elite Reaction – Black Empire
Location: Uldum, Chamber of the Moon.
Killable status.
Ravenous charge, Toxic Breath, and Toxic Volley are all abilities.



Hunter Pets


Scariness is a level 49 elite sand reaver that is hostile. They are frequently seen in silithid-infested environments. Its Sand Trapping ability creates sand traps that explode barely a second after they are built, dealing damage to the attacker and reducing the chance of hitting by 25% for five seconds.

Sarinexx also deals regular damage to their foes.

Sand Reaver Race (Beast)
Level- 15- 30 Alliance and Horde Elite Reactions
Location: Tanaris, Thunderdrome
Killable status.Aquiri’s Pet Family
Sand Trap, Wide Slash are two abilities.

Spirit Beasts-


Hunter Pets


Tenacity is a specialty of the Spirit Beasts family of hunting pets. They belong to the Exotic pet family, which means they can only be tamed by a hunter that specialises in exotic beasts.

Spirit Beasts were initially introduced in the expansion Wrath of the Lich King, and they have incredible abilities.

These skills include the ability to perform minor healing on a friendly target. They are ethereal by nature. When summoned by a Druid or a Shaman master, they listen to their master’s command and may battle in their real physical form.



Hunter Pets


Elegon has the ability to Touch the Titans; any contact with their energy cortex transforms targets into heavenly forms, enhancing damage and healing by 50%.

They are exclusively hunted by hunters carrying other more exceptional beasts/ hunter pets, similar to another exotic family.

The way an Elegon’s powers work is determined by the game’s stages and phases. It only enters a defensive form in stage one, where Elegon possesses abilities like heavenly breath, which may deal 60,000 arcane damage to the target. With more over half of Elegon’s health remaining, he can materialise a celestial defender to assault the targets.

Elegon’s powers in Stage 2 include pull power, which reduces damage taken by ten percent permanently. Charge, high energy, and discharge of energy

Elegon’s skills progress to Energy conduit, overloaded, linked focuses, s=cosmic sparks, and so on in stage three.

Celestial Dragon Race, Level 40 Alliance Boss Reaction Horde
The Vaults of Mogu’shan
Achievements- The vault of wonders, killable Pet Family spirit Beast Elegon, Straight Six, and the Mogu’shan Vault Guild Run are all Heroic.



Hunter Pets


Frostsaber Spirit beast Ankha. It wanders Mount Hyjal’s Regrowth. It has green skin and looks similar to Gondria and Magria.

It is a rare spawn with a health of around 232lk. She guards the area and shares a spawn timer with Mangria, a beast with a very similar appearance.

It is a ‘taming challenge pet’ and one of WoW’s top hunter pets. It is highly recommended that hunters approach this Spirit beast with caution. Hunters should approach with a good plan. Even though players have attempted to hunt and tame this particular Pet, they have had little luck.

Ankha provides healing to their allies. Her spirit claw strike scales the armour of their opponents.

It is skilled at inflicting physical harm because to its metal cleaver ability. It’s a rare tamable cat with a spectral silver skin.

Spirit beast race
30-35 race level
Alliance-Reaction Horde
The Regrowth is located on Mount Hyjal.
Spirit Beast’s Pet Family
Damage: 2,230-3,313 and Armor: 11,092.
tameable status (Exotic)
Claw, Spirit repair, and Spirit walk are all abilities.

Stone Hound-


Hunter Pets


Tenacity is a hunter pet that belongs to the Stone Hound family. Hunters with exotic pets cannot tame their pets because they belong to another Exotic pet family.

They were initially introduced in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, originally known as the Quilen family.

Stone Hound family hunter pets have two special powers that allow them to mysteriously resurrect to full health. Another is damage reduction as well as healing.

Stone Armor and Eternal Guardian are two of Stone Hounds’ special abilities in cubes.
Survival of the fittest and endurance training are examples of tenacity specialised abilities. They’re hound-like creatures with magical abilities.



Hunter Pets


Gardens are Ravendreth’s Stoneborn Creatures; they are the creatures who prowl the night. They’re vicious four-legged beasts. They prowl Rabendreth, using force or intimidation to keep the peace.

They are made of stones, just as Quilen. They are used by the venthyr as guardians, pets, hunting companions, and fellow soul tormentors. They’ve been utilised in battles on the front lines against guard forces.

Death wargs are the name given to them.

They are difficult to control. To tame a Gorgon, a hunter must first gain the skill from the Gargon Training Handbook, which is a guaranteed drop from Ravendrenth’s Huntmaster Petrus.

Final Words

The hunter pets listed in the articles are just the beginning. Hunter pets in World of Warcraft: Shadowland are fascinating and offer great powers.

The imagination of the creatures is enhanced by these hunting pets.
Take it from us, if you’re a hunter in World of Warcraft: Shadowland, you’ll never get bored while playing World of Warcraft and taming Hunter pets. If you’re a hunter, this is your chance to shine once more.

Hunter pets are so amusing in the Shadowland universe that you’ll never get bored of taming them and making them into your friends. We hope you enjoyed our post on the best hunter pets in World of Warcraft. Please share your thoughts on the greatest hunter pets in Shadowland. Leave a comment! If you enjoyed this article, please tell your gaming friends about it!

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