The Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100 in 2021

The right Bluetooth speakers under $100 are tough to search out. Most people don’t mind if a speaker that costs but $20 breaks because it absolutely was “good enough” while it lasted. you may even be ready to afford to exchange it. But the purpose of no return is after you spend $100. It starts to become more of an investment, instead of an adjunct for your phone. Bluetooth speakers under $100 have to be quite adequate, though. they have to be great.



As you ought to expect for this price-point, there must be a particular level of durability and quality to the merchandise. These aren’t cheap, and though they’re not the foremost expensive or best-sounding speakers you’ll ever hear, you continue to want to induce your money’s worth. This list features a speaker for everybody. If it made this list, it deserves to be here.


1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2


he Wonderboom 2 delivers everything you are looking for in a reasonable Bluetooth speaker: it’s IP67 water resistance, astonishingly great sound quality, and 13-hour battery life. The speaker also has multi-directional sound, and you’ll even pair two speakers together to form a stereo effect (although you’ll only pair it with other Wonderboom speakers).



The versatility on offer here makes the Wonderboom 2 stand out from the pack. you’ll take it to the pool without having to stress about water moving into the innards (just ensure the Micro-USB port is covered), and you’ll even submerge in up to a meter of water for a half-hour with none issues.


2. JBL Flip 4


The Flip 4 could be a cylindrical compact portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL Harmans next generation series. JBL may be a reputable audio product fabricator who consistently keeps up to this point with technological evolution.


It is powered by a chargeable 3000mAh lithium-ion battery which provides roughly 12 hours of continuous use. For its understated stature, it delivers surprisingly powerful sound in stereo. it’s a built-in JBL Bass radiator for fewer distortion risk with low-frequency sounds and you’ll wirelessly connect 2 smartphones or tablets to simply switch between. It can even be easily linked to multiple JBL speakers for extra volume and fuller thicker audio.


It is built from entirely waterproof components so is a perfect choice for audio enjoyment on the go or outdoor breaks.


3. Sony SRS-XB12


Sony SRS-XB12 has impressively powerful audio performance for the scaleit’s waterproof and affordable.


The only con of this speaker is that it can be likened to distortion on some deep bass. The speakerphone mic is not clear.


Bottom Line: The Sony SRS-XB12 packs a strong punch for such a little speaker, and its waterproof build adds value to its already affordable price.


4. JBL Flip 5


The Flip 5 has an excellent wireless range, and due to its PlayBoost feature, you’ll be able to connect it with multiple other compatible JBL speakers. Its IPX7 rating means it’s fully dunkable, making it the best music companion for the shower or near a tub — it’ll even survive an accidental immersion or two if you by mistake drop it in an exceedingly pool. But beware: Unlike our pick for the poolside, the UE Wonderboom, the JBL Flip 5 doesn’t float, so you’ll choose a swim if the Flip 5 heads overboard.


Those features include a solid 10 to 12 hours of battery life, betting on how loud you play it. If you are doing explore the upper reaches of the Flip 5’s volume, you’ll be surprised by just how loud it gets. While the sound is unquestionably solid indoors, outdoors is where this speaker really shines. Place it within the middle of the action and it’ll power your party with no trouble in any respect.


5. Bose SoundLink Micro


You can get this speaker in black, grey, or orange if you would like to feature some more color to your audio setup. like all things Bose, the speaker combines decent durability and consistent sound quality, this point with a wireless connection and at a bargain price.


If the footprint is one in all your main concerns, know that the SoundLink is simply 3.87” x 3.87” and 1.37” tall. That’s just about pocket-sized. The range is up to 30 feet. That’s an approximation of how far you’ll keep it while still getting good audio. you’ll push it further if you’ll house the sound dropping off once in an exceedingly while.


There’s also a built-in speakerphone that you simply can use if you utilize a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Siri. The battery should last up to six hours whether or not you blast the speaker near its maximum volume. this is often about average once you compare it to what other manufacturers offer – but not if you compare to speakers of comparable sizes.


6. JBL Clip 3


If you’re not really an audiophile but you wish unique audio equipment, the JBL Clip 3 might add up for you. It almost seems like a padlock and may be clipped onto a belt or strap. speak about putting a soundtrack to your weekend hikes.



This is also one in every of the lightest speakers on this list. This and also the clip-on design alone make it a solid choice for anyone in need of a transportable speaker. an easy yet very clear sound gets projected from the comparatively large drivers. the general sound is neutral and balanced but the speaker sounds much bigger than the dimensionsthis implies that the Clip 3 can handle most musical genres well.



Although small, there’s no way you study the Clip 3 and not see it as an outside speaker. thanks to how it’s and the way it hooks, there’s not much you’ll be able to do with it inside the house. But, take it on a trail or to a pool party and you begin to determine its value.


One of the most effective things about it’s the IPX7 waterproof rating. It virtually makes the speaker viable in any environment.



However, it doesn’t have the foremost durable casing or protection for its driver. you’ll enjoy up to 10 hours of your favorite playlist. That’s if you utilize the speaker at around 50% volume.


7. Anker Soundcore Motion+


The Anker Soundcore Motion+ uses its combination of tweeters, woofers, and passive radiators to supply a sound signature that has clarity within the highs without sacrificing bass response. Support for high-quality aptX codec aids in delivering the most effective in Bluetooth sound quality. Additional EQ controls are available via the Soundcore app, allowing you to fine-tune your listening experience.



Other features you’ll find with the speaker include an IPX7 waterproof rating, USB-C connectivity, wireless stereo pairing to a different Anker Soundcore Motion+, and an outsized 6,700 mAh battery for roughly 12 hours of playtime.


8. Sony XB10


The Sony XB10 makes for an affordably priced stylish entry. it’s decidedly compact and that we probably don’t have to tell you twice that Sony knows a thing or two when it involves audio.



This model features EXTRA BASS properties, which essentially means it’s a formidable built-in passive radiator that works seamlessly with the inner speaker to spice up the low frequencies in lieu of its tiny size.



As affordable Bluetooth speakers go this one won’t fail to impress. It is auto-linked to a secondary Sony speaker for the total range, rich stereo sound. it’s made with water-resistant parts for protected outdoor listening just in case the weather decides to show. This outdoor speaker includes a long-lasting battery life (16 hours)


9. Klipsch Groove


If your primary consideration from an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker is sound quality, then look no further than the Klipsch Groove. The speaker offers outstanding sound from a comparatively modest package, and therefore the IPX4 rating gives it some resistance to the weather.



You get Bluetooth pairing and music playback controls at the highestand there is a 3.5mm jack on the side if you’re fascinated by plugging in. The 2,200mAh battery delivers eight hours of music playback from a full charge.


10. Oontz Angle 3


Let’s not beat around the bush: We picked the Oontz Angle 3 because you merely won’t find a less expensive Bluetooth speaker that isn’t a chunk of junk. the very fact that it’s actually got decent sound quality considering its price and size is amazing. within the Angle 3, you’ll find many of the features from our other picks, like 12- to 15-hour battery life, excellent wireless range, and speakerphone compatibility — you’ll just pay plenty less for them. It even has IPX5 water-resistance, which won’t be ideal around bodies of water like pools or beaches, but protects against splashes — and you’ll even rinse it off if you’re gentle with the water pressure.


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