10 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Gym Under $50

you can easily drop a wad of money on truly sensational headphones that provide the comfort, sound quality, longevity, and other features on your checklist. However, your average, bulky headphones are not designed for portable, everyday wear like earbuds are, and they’re not at all ideal for the gym setting. Performance headphones simply aren’t meant to carry up to the surplus moisture and intense motion and impact related to exercise.

This is where wireless, Bluetooth earbuds enter the image. These state-of-the-art, in-ear headphones are specially designed to deliver not only the portable options you wish on the go but also features like superior sound, noise cancellation technology, and sweat and water resistance, among other useful benefits.


The level of technology involved and therefore the quality of the connectivity and sound will quickly have you ever searching for a hefty tag, but you’ll be happy to listen to that there are many options on the marketplace for affordable earbuds, many of them delivering incredible value at under 50 bucks a pop. Your biggest problem is comparison shopping and trying to work out a way to narrow your options. Along those lines, we’ve put together an inventory of several earbuds that provide useful features at a tag you’ll afford. Here are the ten best wireless earbuds under $50.


1. Jlab Audio Jbuds Air


If you’re searching for true wireless functionality on a budget, these cheap wireless headphones are a transparent winner. they provide quality sound at a coffee price point.



The truly wireless earbuds include three sets of ear tips and one set of fins to make sure a snug fit.



Like a lot of truly wireless earbuds, these use a charging case to reinforce battery life. you’ll be able to get 5.5 hours of continuous use, and an additional 15 hours by charging within the case.



IP55 moisture resistance means they’re good for exercise and may handle a touch of sweat or rain. Jbuds Air easily copes with a full of life lifestyle.


2. Mpow Flame Lite


I have to admit I’m an MPOW junkie, and I have been using MPOW’s within the gym since the Cheetah. Once the Flame came out I’ve cursed them ever since. Every once during a while, I’ve tried other brands, but none have ever had a consistent sound quality and bass.



I was wondering if they may replicate it with a completely wireless version and that they absolutely nailed it! I’ve tried others and my main complaint is that and also the treble has been too high and barely any bass, but these are great! I’m still getting the hang of the button functions.



In terms of function, they operate like several Bluetooth headsets. Right out of the package they’re ready for pairing. I’m still getting the hang of the button functions. instead of a multi-function button, you push to try to things like start and stop music or answer a call(which sounds great), it’s more sort of a sensor or a touchpad you lightly tap. I prefer this far better because with some buttons and makes it can desire your jamming the unit into your ear just to push the button. But it’ll take it to slow getting accustomed to the sensitivity and response to my touch, like turning the quantity up or down and things like.


3. RHA MA390


Each housing is molded from one piece of 6063-grade aluminum; this one-piece design removes unnecessary internal obstructions to produce you with a transparent sound. The bass is surprisingly emphasized, and its reproduction only slightly masks vocals. Of course, these aren’t visiting hold a candle to the buds found on our greatest earbuds list, but they’re still solid.



The dual-material construction rarely gets tangled, and if it does, it takes a mere few seconds to straighten out. Additionally, dual-density silicone ear tips are comfortable and sturdyapart from that, RHA includes a shirt clip and drawstring, mesh carrying pouch.




If you favor a pair of truly wireless earbuds, consider the Anker SoundCore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless instead. While these in-ears aren’t quite as comfortable, stable, and easy-to-use because the Anker SoundBuds Curve Upgraded 2019, they still offer great value for a really versatile performance. Overall, their sound profile is decently neutral and packs an additional record of the bass, so that they suit most music genres. 
At just over 7 hours, their continuous battery life is decent, and their very portable charging case offers an impressive 12.5 additional charges for when you’re on the go. These in-ears also do an honest job passively blocking out ambient noise, making them ideal to use during your commute. On the downside, like most budget earbuds, they do not have a companion app or sound customization options, but they must still please most casual listeners.




Okay, I still prefer verity wireless Powerbeats Pro below, but that’s easy on behalf of me to mention since I got sent them free. Powerbeats (without the ‘Pro’ bit) is sort of £100/$100 cheaper and that they sound identical – which is to mention they sound superb for workout music. And, come thereto, superb for non-workout music.



Since they don’t seem to be true wireless Powerbeats also boast an extended battery life (15 hours to the Pro’s 9). Yes, yes, there’s that small little bit of wire between the buds but because the in-ear fit is additionally similar to the market-leading Powerbeats Pro, the wire is a smaller amount irritating than on the numerous similar-looking buds of this sort – you do not feel the snag and drag that you simply sometimes get.



At this price what you are looking at a really premium, high-quality product that you simply could still almost calling affordable – especially when put next to its more illustrious, true wireless big brother. They’re similarly excellent for creating calls and controlling Siri, too.


6. Mpow H5


The Mpow H5 seemingly ticks all the boxes. First and foremost, they provide great sound. The bass is thumping and features a fantastic rumble but isn’t overbearing. This extends into the lower-mids, however, the remainder of the midrange and treble is balanced. this offers them an overall dark and warm tonality. If you are a fan of bass, the H5 should be one in every of the primary set of headphones you take a look atthe number of basses the H5 produces is quite impressive, especially for this price. they do not distort or resound the remainder of the sound signature.



The H5 has insane battery life with up to 30 hours on a charge, which is able to be over enough for many people. They also feature a leather headband and ear cups, which are able to help with long-term comfort. you’ll easily wear the H5 for a protracted haul flight and not have any issues.



The headphones use Micro-USB for charging rather than USB-C. this might be annoying, especially if your phone already has USB-C, forcing you to hold a separate cable to charge your headphones.


7. 1More Piston Fit BT


Having reviewed quite 1000 pairs of headphones (and over 200 for this guide alone), we don’t seem to be easily surprised—but the 1More Piston Fit BT earbuds wowed us. In our tests, these neckband-style wireless earbuds (meaning the earbuds are connected by a versatile band) offered a balanced, clear sound that every one our testers thought was much better than one might expect from $30 earbuds. The thin, lightweight neckband rests comfortably around the neck and coils up for straightforward storage during a pocket.
Four sizes of ear tips are included, so everyone on our panel was ready to get a secure fit. The aluminum earbuds feel sturdy, and magnets hold them together so you’ll be able to wear them around your neck when you’re not using them. The controls are easy to control by feel, and also the eight-hour battery life will get you thru a full workday. The IPX4 water-resistance rating means you don’t have to worry a few little showers of rain on your commute, and therefore the one-year warranty protects you from the other hiccups.


8. Arbily Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0


We ordered these headphones for my wife so she will use them while she works out. Her other headphones without an earloop attended fall out during rigorous activity. These buds stay in no problem even during the foremost strenuous workouts. The ear loops are very soft and comfy and are made from a silicone-like material. you will not even notice they’re on.



The headphones shipped with 3 sets of earcons to suit your sensory receptor. We found the medium size was excellent for both peoplewe’ve got found that when placed on, the ear cones be quite well.



The headphones include a compact case that doubles as a backup charger. The documentation states 5-6 hour battery life under heavy usage and so 10 charges with the case before you have got to plug that in.



As far because of the sound, we were pleasantly surprised with both the max volume and also the bass response from a pair of earbuds. Max volume is sort of loud.



We’ve used the earbuds both in single and dual modes and calls are clear and crisp. there’s a button on each earbud to answer calls or control your music app on your phone which worked reliably.



Overall pleasantly surprised with the headphones and that I can recommend them for anyone that needs waterproof earbuds for workouts, or simply anyone who loves high clarity tunes on the go.


9. Otium Bluetooth Earphones


Some people wish to wear Bluetooth earphones while walking around town or taking calls. Others wear them while running, hiking, biking, or sweating to the oldies. These sleek, state-of-the-art, over the ear headphones, are designed for comfort and sweat-proof usage, making them an excellent choice for active listeners.



The earphones are connected by a versatile neckband so you won’t pander to dangling, tangling wires, while soft ear hooks and memory foam ear tips ensure optimal comfort. The Bluetooth range extends up to 33 feet from devices and you’ll get 7-9 hours of battery life, which you’ll be able to track on the iOS battery capacity display. Bluetooth 4.1+EDR delivers superior sound, including bass tones. you’ll be able to connect simultaneously to 2 devices, just just in case you would like to require a call while taking note of your iPod.


10. Treblab xFit


These headphones are easily confused with our greatest overall pick, the Jbuds Air. they need an identical true wireless design. At a look, they even look alike.



The Treblab xFit may be a good selection for the gym or other exercise. they need IPX6 water resistance, and three sets of silicone ear tips for a cushty fit.



You can wash them underwater but don’t submerge them. For the simplest waterproof Bluetooth headphones go here.


The neodymium driver gives lots of power, and noise isolating design is great to be used in a very loud environment just like the gym. you’ll get 5 hours of use, and five further charges within the case. 

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