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Avast SecureLine VPN Review: Pros and Cons of Avast VPN

Avast may be a Czech company that’s best known for its antivirus software. This includes both Avast Pro and AVG, the latter of which was acquired in 2016. but providing the simplest free antivirus software on the market, Avast also sells other security software, including Avast SecureLine VPN.


At first glance, Avast SecureLine VPN looks as if a straightforward, easy-to-use VPN offered at a reasonable price. However, it’s not just software that Avast has for sale: the corporate was recently caught scanning users’ devices for all kinds of data and selling it to the very best bidder through a company, called Jumpshot.



Avast SecureLine VPN could be a VPN service provided by cybersecurity company Avast. Avast offers several other cybersecurity products, including anti-virus software.



The VPN has servers in 55 locations in 34 countries. the corporate doesn’t disclose the precise number of VPN servers within the network.



Avast SecureLine VPN promises to mask your IP address, hide your online activity from spying eyes, and facilitate your access blocked streaming content.



I tested Avast SecureLine VPN to search out out if the VPN performs further because it promises. I found some different pros and cons that i’ll discuss in additional detail below.



Highlights include Avast SecureLine VPN’s streaming services, speed, and user experience. It’s also a decent choice for unblocking major Netflix libraries, likewise as other streaming platforms.



Downsides include the company’s logging policy, the dearth of responsive customer service, and also the price point.


Who Can Use The Tool?

Avast SecureLine may be employed by freelancers and residential users. The software is affordably priced for many people. This app can not be utilized by businesses for privacy protection.



Supported Platforms

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Mac OS X 10.9.x, Mac OS X 10.10.x, and Mac OS X 10.11.x.
  4. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Streaming – Does Avast SecureLine VPN Work with Netflix?

While connected to Avast SecureLine VPN, I used to be able to stream shows on Netflix without a controversy.



The VPN was able to access multiple Netflix catalogs, including US Netflix. I used to be not blocked by Netflix’s VPN ban at any time.



I was also able to access Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer.



If you’re trying to find a VPN to assist you to access geo-restricted streaming content, Avast SecureLine VPN has proven itself to be an honest choice.



Privacy and logging

Avast’s support for the highly secure OpenVPN protocol using AES-256-CBC gets it off to a decent start within the privacy stakes, but there’s little else to mention about the service. there is not any control over protocol settings, no support for other protocols, no kill switch, no custom leak protection technologies, or other privacy-related extras.



This isn’t quite as bad because it seems. SecureLine over-covered the fundamentals during our tests, preventing DNS and WebRTC leaks which could disclose clues about our identity and online activities.



Understanding Avast’s logging policy was harder, mostly because the corporate has such a lot of other services and applications to elucidate. We fought our way through the mammoth 20,000-word privacy policy, though, and eventually uncovered some useful information.



The company explains that it doesn’t record your browsing history, stating ‘we don’t store details of, or monitor, the websites you hook up with when using our VPN service.’



Sounds good, until you examine all SecureLine’s session logging: ‘We will store a timestamp and IP address after you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the number of knowledge transmitted (up- and download) during your session along with the IP address of the individual VPN server employed by you.’



This may not matter much if you’re just using the VPN to look at US YouTube clips, or as safer thanks to accessing your emails over public Wi-Fi. But if you’re downloading torrents or doing anything where someone might record and investigate your IP address, it could allow them to attach those actions back to your Avast account.


Avast SecureLine consists of 54 servers located in 35 countries around the world. The servers are located within the US, The UK, Japan, China, Singapore, and also the Netherlands. the general public will find the number of servers and locations quite enough to satisfy their needs.

Devices Supported

Note that you just can use the VPN on up to 5 different devices at an identical time. But unlike other VPNs, you can not use the identical account for multiple devices.




Avast SecureLine offers the best level of security supporting 256 bit AES encryption. Moreover, the software prevents WebRTC and DNS leaks which will expose your data to online criminals while browsing online. As a result, you’ll rest assured that you simply are going to be protected against hack attacks while you employ the VPN for browsing net.




Users have reported fairly decent speeds of up to 72Mpbs for the ECU servers. However, theUS speeds were reported to be a touch lower at 37.2 Mbps. this is often a highly acceptable speed for many browsing activities. you’ll be able to view high-quality content from Shudder, Netflix, and other popular streaming services.




Unlike most other VPNs that we’ve reviewed, Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t have a monthly plan option. you’ll only select between one-year, two-year, and three-year plans for either one device or up to 5 different ones.


The monthly cost of Avast SecureLine VPN isn’t bad. For one device, prices are as low as $2.99 per month. For up to 5 devices, prices go as low as $3.99 per month.



Although there’s a reduction if you decide to obtain the primary two years before, there’s none if you pay upfront for 3 years. Unless you’re looking to lock in these prices for as long as possible, there’s little reason to subscribe either of the three-year plans.



Like many other VPN providers, you’ll get a full refund within the first 30 days of your subscription if you’re not pleased with SecureLine VPN. You don’t give any money to allow it an endeavor, though. There’s a free seven-day trial, which supplies you much time to determine if it’s a decent suitable you.


Ease of Use

Purchasing an Avast SecureLine VPN subscription is easy enough to try and do on Avast’s website. you’ll also start with a seven-day free trial by clicking the orange button on the SecureLine VPN product page to download the application onto your device.


Once installed, click the big, red button, and you’ll be prompted to start out your seven-day free trial or to enter the license key from a buying deal you’ve already made. Once you’ve sorted that out, just select the “on” button to attach to at least one of the Avast VPN servers.



We encountered no problems when putting in SecureLine VPN on a Windows computer. there have been no snags when connecting to a server for the primary time, either. Everything worked without a hitch.



Even if you’re not conversant in VPN software, SecureLine VPN has such a barren program that it’s impossible to miss the need-to-know information. within the middle of the SecureLine VPN application, you’ll be able to see your real IP address (which is now hidden), your virtual IP address, and the way long you’ve been connected to a selected VPN server.



You can change the placement of the server you’re connected to by selecting “change location” at the underside of the app. That’ll remark an inventory of all of your options. This list will be filtered by region, but it also has specific sections to focus on servers that are optimized for P2P transfers — torrenting, in most cases — or streaming. This setup is analogous to NordVPN and CyberGhost.


The Verdict

Avast SecureLine VPN isn’t the simplest VPN that we’ve reviewed, but it’s some redeeming features. However, it’s impossible to overlook that Avast has collected users’ browsing data and sold it to companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yelp. This was a huge breach of trust that’s visiting haunt Avast for a few times.



All things considered, there are many other VPNs that respect your privacy and offer better functionality than Avast SecureLine VPN. If you’ve got any questions about SecureLine VPN or want to share your thoughts about it, just leave a comment below. Thanks for reading this Avast SecureLine VPN review.

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