Do you want to create mugshot memes or make funny mugshot photos to play practical jokes on your friends? If that’s the case, here are four of the greatest free mugshot generating apps that are really easy to use and can produce mugshot boards in just a few steps.

To make mugshot memes, two of the websites on this list allow you to use a camera to take a photo or upload any of your existing photographs. Apart from that, I’ve included an Android and iOS software that lets you make mugshot memes using various male and female bodies.

The fun aspect is that you can use these applications to place the person in jail and customise the language and shapes to make your mugshot images more humorous. Other details, such as the reason for the arrest, height, and other information, can be included as well.

Here’s a little primer on mugshots for people who aren’t familiar with them. A mugshot is a snapshot of a person taken when he or she is arrested, and it contains both front and side shots, as well as a metered background and a nameplate in hand.

A mugshot isn’t just a slang phrase; it’s a legal term used in the criminal court system. When someone is detained, the police take a recent mugshot and send it to the proper authorities. If you consider yourself an outlaw, though, you are not required to be arrested just to get your mugshot.

There are various platforms that can assist you in swiftly creating a mugshot. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself, and they’ll handle the rest.

Best Free Mugshot Maker/Generator Tools to Create Funny Memes

1. Mugshot Maker



Mugshot Maker is a free Android app that lets you make hilarious mugshot memes and photographs. However, this programme is not available on the Google Play Store and must be obtained using APK Pure. As a result, if you don’t trust apps from unknown sources, you can skip this programme and instead produce mugshot memes with one of the internet tools on our list.

APK Pure is a popular website that stores APK files for a wide range of Android apps and games. I used VirusTotal to scan the Mugshot Maker APK and discovered no viruses or bugs.

How do I use this Android mugshot generator app?

To make a mugshot, either take a picture or select one from your collection. To make a mugshot photo, select a photo and add facts such as a name, offence type, city, and other information.

Finally, in the photo, drag the nameplate near your neck to make it look more natural. It’s as simple as that. You may now store the generated mugshot photo meme to internal storage on your device and share it with friends and family to make them laugh.

Make Use of Photos from Your iOS Device

Mugshot Maker is an extremely small software that takes up about 2.6 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. The app’s speedy and efficient nature reflects this nicely, enhancing the user experience.

Choose an image of your “culprit” as the first step. You can either search the Camera Roll for your favourite photo or simply ask the accused to pose for a picture. Change the colour after importing it from your Camera Roll.

2. Mobilefish



One of the greatest websites for producing online mugshot memes is Mobilefish. To access it, you’ll need Chrome 0.3 beta or above. It should be version 2.0 or higher in the case of Firefox. Mobilefish also requires Flash Player 9 or higher, as well as a working webcam on your PC.

Step 1: Customize your mugshot with Mobilefish’s customization tools, which include the name of the police agency, your name, mugshot border text, and even a law enforcement logo.

The first step in making a cool mugshot is to fill in the blanks with the information you want on your mugshot.

Step 2: Next, as indicated in the screenshot below, grant Mobilefish access to your webcam.

Step 3: Once you’ve been granted camera access, you can snap a mugshot. Click the Take Snapshot button after 5 seconds, and your photo will be captured.

Mobilefish begins processing the photo as soon as it is captured, and after it is complete, you can download the mugshot meme.

3. Mugshot Me!



Mugshot Me is an iPhone app that allows you to create amusing mugshot boards. It comes with a number of frames, including a mugshot frame.

You can either shoot a shot with your camera or choose an existing photo from your collection with the app. You must crop an image of your face to fit inside the available frames after snapping it.

To exactly fit your face on an existing criminal mugshot, use multi-touch to move and resize your image. It is also possible to flip the face. Apart from that, you can alter the image’s hue to make it appear more natural.

In addition to Mugshots, this tool is frequently used to make memes and amusing graphical content. Mugshot Me is a totally free application. If you upgrade to the paid edition, you’ll get access to hundreds of frames and an ad-free experience.

4. ImgFlip



ImgFlip is a free online mugshot generator that allows you to make humorous mugshot memes from your images.

It’s essentially an online picture editor that can turn mugshots into memes. Go to the website provided above and upload your photo to use this ImgFlip feature.

The Mugshot template is one of over 1000 photo editing templates available. The programme is quite easy to use. Simply submit your image and add text to the top and bottom of the page. You’ll be able to view the text on the image as you type it, as illustrated in the screenshot above.

To save the image, click the Generate button and then right-click on it.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our list of the top free mugshot generator applications. You may now live out your dream of being photographed in a mugshot without committing a crime or going to jail.

Also, for a nice chuckle, feel free to try some practical jokes on your buddies. Mugshot Me! and MobileFish Among these apps and websites, my favourites are iOS apps. Mobilefish makes high-quality mugshots, and the Mugshot Me iPhone app lets you make your own memes.

Mugshot Maker will do the job nicely if you’re an Android user who doesn’t mind installing an app from a third-party source. Let us know which app you like and what kind of mugshots you’ve created with it.

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